It sounded like a faint shotgun blast. I knew instinctively what it was, I’ve heard it before, lots of times. When the echoing glass sound is that loud it means a bird has ended his or her life. For a bird to survive that kind of shot would take a miracle.

I first checked the French doors closest to where I was sitting. I knew it had to hit close to me due to the sound of the bird crashing head first into glass. There was no sign of a bird on the ground. I was stumped, but not for long.

The top image isn’t a cloud. Note the fluids and feathers.

The window at the back of the family room had movement. I strolled over to it to find the body fluids from a bird slowly running down the glass, a gruesome sight… especially for Easter morning.

I know it’s a fallen world as well as the next person, I suppose, but the last thing I wanted was to be reminded of it on Easter morning. We’ve all had our fill of the reality of this fallen world lately.

I’ve seen a lot of imprints of birds on our widows over the years, but none as harsh as this one today, Easter morning. I’ve had to dispose of a lot of birds over the years, mostly hummingbirds, my favorites, and usually during the Springtime.

I reluctantly went outside to find the bird, or what was left of him. It was a dove… the last bird I wanted to lose, symbolically, on Easter.

The dove wasn’t dead, but not far from well. He was crouched on the ground, sitting in body fluids and feathers stuck in it. He looked at me, blinked, but couldn’t fly away. I went back in the house. I figured his brain was so scrambled that even if he could fly, he probably couldn’t remember how.

I thought of the verse in Matthew 10. The one about how the Creator of all things knows when even one sparrow dies. I prayed for the dove. I prayed for a miracle.

I checked the dove awhile later and he was still in the same spot, not moving. I nodded with understanding… it’s not a perfect world. We’re promised trouble in this fallen world, but for those of us that know the Father, know that once we’re free of this fallen flesh, we will be perfect.

I know where the freezer bags are… I’ve slipped more than a few critters from our backyard into them over the years.

It’s amazing how God can use the small things in life to get your attention and to make you think about Him, His will, His love, mercy, and grace.

When I went back outside the dove was gone. I checked around the other side of the barbecue. As I did the dove flew across the pool to a boulder on the other side of it, one last feather falling from him.

I looked up to ray of Light piercing the overcast sky and said a prayer of thanks to the One Who cares about all things, little and big in this fallen world.

To get the world to see the Father’s sovereignty in this fallen world would take a miracle… they happen everyday. And Easter is our reminder.