It’s hard to grasp that another Thanksgiving is already upon us. It’s that time of year to ponder what we have to be thankful for. Most of us have a lot to be thankful for… starting with grace. I think it’s a wise person that takes the time to ponder and count their blessings.

I’m out of town as I struggle to type this post out. The truth is I’m pressed for time and the hankering to write something new isn’t bubbling up within me. If muses were real, mine would have disappeared like a Houdini vanishing act. But I have much to be thankful for.

I think sometimes we have to use our free will and discipline to force ourselves to ponder how much we have. And it’s too easy take our many gifts for granted.

With my family growing older and expanding we won’t be passing the turkey or stuffing around the table, although it’s usually osso buco or homemade pizza, but you get the idea. The kids will be doing their own thing and a phone call or text will have to suffice.

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I won’t be eating any apple or pumpkin pie either, but it’s not because I can’t have any, it’s because I’ll use that free will to wait till Christmas. Pie once a year is sufficient if I’m gonna keep my waistline in check.

I’m thankful for a healthy family; the kid’s and grandkids. I’m thankful for the provision from God that keeps us with a roof over our heads and food on the table. I’m thankful for the health that allows all of us to get out and work and play.

Above all I’m thankful for that grace that comes from our Maker. I’m eternally grateful for the understanding of His Son’s sacrifice on our behalf and that acceptance that defines our final destination for eternity.

I’m thankful I get to bow my head in humility and thank our Father for His many gifts. Being grateful is a position of humility and that’s the only place we’ll find peace with our Maker in this flesh.

I pray blessings on you and yours. I hope you get a few minutes to ponder all your blessings. Happy Thanksgiving, friends. May God bless you and yours.