The words were the most profound I’d ever read. They were brilliant, genius… Perfect.

I instinctively raised my right arm above my head. Although I couldn’t see it, I wrapped my hand around it. It pulled me off the floor. Even though my hand and arm were supporting me it was effortless.

The Grand Room had soaring 20′ tall ceilings. I slowly, magically, raised in the air of the room, floating effortlessly in it. In shock, awe, and joy I motioned for my wife to see the miracle. She caught a glimpse, but wasn’t overly surprised? After about 30 seconds, I willed myself back to the floor of the plush room.

I ran into the kitchen that wasn’t completely visible from the Grand Room due to the lower ceiling structure to share the miracle with my wife who was cooking and talking to some of my family.

“Was that amazing?! Can you believe that really just happened?” I asked in an overwhelming yell.

“What?” my wife asked.

“You didn’t see me in there?”

“In where?” she asked again.

“I thought you saw me?” I was disappointed.

“I heard you in there, but I didn’t see anything. What happened”? My wife asked in confusion.

“I was flying! I swear – it’s a miracle – I was flying around the Grand Room!” She looked at me like I was nuts.

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Without hesitation I turned and headed back to the room that looked more like a hotel lobby at a grand resort than it did a living room. I stepped briskly into the room. I didn’t reach my right arm to grab on again. I knew I didn’t have to.

I didn’t speak any magic words. In fact, I didn’t think or feel anything except the power available from my first lift around the Grand Room. By the time I reached the middle of the room I was about three feet off the floor.

I began rising magically higher as I turned around to show my wife and brother the miracle of defying gravity. They looked like they’d seen a ghost… I went all the way up to the ceiling, barely missing the grand chandelier by willing myself around it.

I pushed off the wall on the opposite side of the room up by the ceiling as I willed myself back to the ground in front of them.

“You believe this?” I asked. They stood speechless. “It was the words in that book,” I exclaimed and continued, “I’ve never read or felt anything so powerful. I have to write those words down!” I said, or thought, to myself as the powerful words woke me from my deep sleep.

“The Main Character,” I mumbled to myself in my mind. I was still half asleep and the words hit me with such force I wanted to remind myself  to write them down come morning.

While the dream was vivid the words didn’t have the supernatural effect of the night before as I set pondering them over coffee. The Main Character? Was it a book? Who was the main character? As I pondered that thought many things shot through my mind.

Everyone likes to be the main character, most of us want the lead role in the play of life. In my flesh, I was just too dull to grasp it. I finally closed my eyes and asked God, “Father, who or what is The Main Character?” Before the mental words could be finished, He laid it on me.

“I AM the Main Character”…..

“Of course”…. I said, “It was your arm I was hanging onto – I should have known.”

We all have stories, but there is only one “Main Character” in the story of this world.

It is His hand that we all rest in. It is His arm I long to hold onto…

Only the Main Character can deliver us to where we need to be…

And the landing is perfect…