The Easter egg hunt is different now, but it’s still the same in a lot of ways. Back in the old days the eggs were real. I didn’t necessarily like eating the hardboiled eggs, but my siblings and I were up for the thrill of the hunt.

I loaded coins, jelly beans, and gummy bears into the plastic eggs this morning then placed them strategically around the backyard. Truth and tradition are passed down and then we do our part in the process. It’s different now, but it’s still the same.

The two grandsons got new trucks to push around, which they do naturally and usually at warp speed. We used to have flimsy Easter baskets to haul the painted by hand eggs in. The boys use their dump trucks. It’s different now, but it’s still the same.

Our modern day Easter Basket

The story of Easter is told at home and at church. Kids learn but don’t grasp till they’re a little older. I’m not sure any of us grasp the depth of the Supreme sacrifice of the Son and the Father. The limited view and wisdom we have from our fallen flesh gives us just a glimpse of the grace we have been granted.

May we ponder the gift of eternal life granted to us due to the sacrifice of Jesus Christ every day of the year and not just this one. I’m thankful that although many things change, the Truth of the love and sacrifice for all who choose to believe will never change.

Where and how we celebrate the Resurrection of our Savior may be different, but the Truth is still the same.

Happy Easter to you and yours.