This ChristmasI pretty much scored this Christmas. We got time to spend with family and friends, all are healthy and overall maturing, myself included. We exchanged some good gifts. I received some needed jeans and the traditional pair of tennis shoes to name a few of the goodies.

Occasionally my wife demands all of us in our immediate family make handmade gifts for one another. The oldest wrote all of our names on personal grains of rice… at least that’s what I’m told, I can’t see it even with my glasses on… My wife gave us the best gifts of all this Christmas by a long shot, ones that we’ll all have long after the clothes are worn out.

She wrote to each of her daughters a poem about them from her heart and perspective… I struggled to fight back the tears Christmas morning as they each read theirs. She also made me one. Not as long and not quite as sentimental, maybe given the subject matter, but it was a gift I treasure deeply; the gift of words from another, especially the love of my life.

My wife is a wonderful writer and I’ve tried to get her to guest post for me for years, but she always refuses me. I finally got her to host, well not exactly, but she did give me the green light to share her poem she wrote to me for Christmas.


December 25, 2013

To Floyd:

Another year gone

Christmas again

Can’t find any new gifts

So I’ll just use this pen


I’ll never forget

I’ve seen your strife

You’ve worked long and hard

To create a good life


You’re creative

You’re strong

Determined and bright

You lift and inspire with great insight


You guard and protect all of us here

You surely love knives

So we need not fear!


From music to cars

Your interests run deep

And since you’ve known me

You now like to sleep!


But through all of this time

The thing that I love

Is your heart for your God

No other comes Above!


Thank you for your heart

Your prayers

Your generosity

I love you


I told you I scored didn’t I? Isn’t it amazing that the best things in life don’t come from the outside… they come from the heart. May we all keep that in our minds and hearts as we head into a New Year and bring our Father and loved ones honor.

Did you score this Christmas?