“I ain’t like that no more,” my buddy said. We laughed. It’s a line from Unforgiven, a Clint Eastwood movie. We both laughed because we know that people don’t change, not without Divine intervention anyway.

It ain't like that no more

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But there’s another part of us that doesn’t change, it can’t. That part of us is woven, or “knitted” into us, into our DNA. All of us have inside of us what makes us – us. Some people call it, “The way we’re wired”.

I believe each person is uniquely gifted by God to be contributors in society. Some use their free will to deny their gifts or use their weaknesses more than their strengths.

I have a brother that loves to hunt. Works out pretty good for us, since he’s willing to share what he takes. I kinda liked hunting as a kid, but have only done it a couple of times since. It’s not my thing.

I have another brother that loves to use his hands to build things. He’s been that way since we were kids. He could put a model car together in minutes. I only built one model. I smashed it to pieces when I couldn’t get the wheels to stay glued in place.

I do get the “building things with your own hands”, I’ve done it most of the days of my life too. The gratification is unparalleled.

I have a sister that could sell ice to Eskimos and has never met a stranger. The latter she gets from my mom. I don’t have the gene that makes me want to talk to everybody, but once I do get started, I can yap with the best of ’em.

I’ve shared some stories about my grandpa, my dad’s dad. He was a poet that was trapped, most of his life, by poverty and cotton fields. He had a propensity to drink and fight, but don’t all of us have our demons to contend with?

The truth is Troy loved music. And he didn’t have to be drunk to appreciate it. It was how God made him, the thing that couldn’t be changed.

I’ve heard it said that being drunk brings out the true heart of a person. That’s probably true. But I think it’s fair to say the same is true for other things. I believe money and power bring out the true nature of a person in much the same way alcohol does.

We all have gifts and we all have weaknesses. We’re all like that shiny nail that gets bent. Once it bends, regardless of meticulous re-straightening, it bends in the same place over and over… just like we do.

We have the good attributes and the bad. The part of us that is made in God’s image and the fallen flesh it battles. Our nail still tends to bend where it always has. We also have the good and honorable gifts. The two will forever be at odds till our soul is released.

I’m pretty sure the folks that feel compelled to tell you, “I ain’t like that no more,” are trying to convince themselves.