how far we've come

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With each sunrise and sunset, we get farther away from it. There was a time that I longed exactly for that… but now… now I long for days to slow down. What I long for now is the opposite of what I longed for then. It was the night of the election… Disappointment doesn’t begin to define the beginning of my grieving process.

I knew there would be little if any sleep, which is usually the last thing I have to worry about. As I surfed through the worthless channels on TV I stumbled upon my comfort food… An old rerun. I was comforted by something familiar; a movie from my childhood, maybe the best thing for what was ailing me… or maybe the worst…

As I watched the movie I heard songs you just don’t hear anymore, not even on the oldies stations… I guess the songs are too old now for radio play. I still enjoy the cameo appearance by Wolfman Jack in that old movie. He was past his popularity and prime when I was a kid, but I still appreciated his persona and the short era that he represented.

Back in the seventies we all looked back with fondness at the first era of rock and roll. We even had a “Fifties Day” at school that we dressed up for to represent and relive the treasured era. Even as kids we knew that the world was changing. We knew that era of the fifties and the early sixties represented a simpler life; a life before the extensive corruption in politics.

Those old memories meandered through my mind as I sat watching the movie American Graffiti. I sought comfort in the old songs and cars that I don’t see or hear anymore… The generation of my parent’s youth, the world has forgotten …

The kids in that movie were facing changes in their lives. The were forced by a set of beliefs and values established by the majority of society that made them face the real world – To take on life with little help from anyone else. Most people in that era struggled to provide for their own but never thought to give up on trying or imagined it somebody else’s responsibility.

That generation appreciated a simple song, a simple car, and a simple life… Greatness was measured by work ethic, character, and integrity. I guess there is no place for that generation in this one… The means by which this current generation measures its success and value is almost the polar opposite of the generations that made our country a strong and independent nation.

Hope and change… I guess everything does change… The sunrise brings a new day… Yesterday can’t be visited ever again… That’s too bad… I think much could be learned if we could… While we can’t go back in time, history is a great teacher to those willing to learn. Hope in anything other than God brings disaster upon people and a nation.

It dawned on me that night just how far we’ve come away from Rock Around The Clock…