At the risk of sounding cynical, which I apparently fall victim to according to sources (like family), I think New Year’s Resolutions are a bunch of hogwash.

There was a time when I was a bright eyed participant in New Year’s Resolution proclamations. It seems to be a national and familial pastime to wait for the New Year to be and do what we really meant and desired to do and be year round.

Those bright eyes grew dim in the light of reality. And years of failing.

I’ve heard a lot of folks, some from my family, vow that this is the year to clean up that diet, give up the Hostess Hohos and get back in shape. I’ve heard some folks swear off fast food. They fell off that wagon faster than they could get through the drive thru…

I remember my parents make some New Year’s Resolutions to give up smoking… I just can’t recall how many times. And since the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree, I had a few of my own misspeaking.

I can’t remember how many times I’ve vowed not to drive like a bat out of hell, to be kind and more gentle in traffic. I’m not sure I ever made it around the block… much less through the first day…

I did manage to go without Doritos, original flavor of course, for probably more than ten years… I had to go to the bank today, which happens to be inside the Fry’s grocery store. I did my good deed and picked up some needed bottled water… and a handy bag of Doritos… original flavor or course.


None of us like to be weak, we have good intention… but alas, the flesh is indeed fallen. And not even the power and promise of a brand spankin’ New Year can change that.

I’m not suggesting that we’re a bunch of “liar, liar, pants on fires”, but we struggle to keep our vows, our contracts, or covenants.

Only God Himself has the Power to keep His covenant. To keep His vow paid for by the blood of His Son. And that’s really all we can count on for sure in the gift of another year; Him. His perfect Word.

It’s good to strive to be better. I think that desire in us is part of us “being made in His image.” But it’s only by His power that we ever succeed. And it gets easier, and possible, with Him in us and our will aligning with His.

Trying to change without the power of God, New Year or otherwise, is nonsense. Or what us old fashioned folks like to call “Hogwash”.