imagesSome folks are more than willing to share their perspective and opinion, and given the chance, they’ll share it with the conviction and flair of a good ole’ southern preacher. Seems that it’s a learned habit, happens over time, adopting other’s opinions, traditions, experiences, and becomes part of us.

Funny how people come to an opinion or belief in something and their minds get set like stone, not willing to yield an ounce. The sermons or debates just depend on our circle.

I’ve heard hunters who swore their hunting dogs were the best and gave ten good reasons to back it up, or why their brand of dog food was better than yours. Just ask a blue collar fella if he’s a Ford or Chevy man and what the best motor ever built was. You’ll get an earful with passion and facts… rarely checked, of course.

I’ve heard women speak with the same passion over ingredients in a cake, casserole, or stew. I’ve also been enlightened as to the best way to cook a steak, chicken, fish, and vegetables, along with the best techniques, herbs, spices, and choicest of brands, just in case you don’t get time to grow them on your own, or the birds or dogs eat em’. They all sound right t0 me.

If the everyday subjects of life bring about passion and prejudice, then I’m not quite sure what to call what politics and religion bring… Intensity is just the tip of the iceberg, and I don’t mean lettuce…  Many folks want to believe they’re intelligent, that they have the tools of reasoning, but rarely let facts get in the way of their emotions.

It’s an art or a gift to get others to listen to our beliefs and opinions, some call it charisma. It’s hard to sell truth to a world that cherishes fantasy and fairy tales though. It feels like many of the people of position have bought into the “if you can’t beat em’, join em” mentality.

I spent the majority of my life trying to convince others of my beliefs and opinions with passion and conviction, even with irrefutable facts for good measure, but rarely is a heart changed by mere words. It took some time to figure out in my heart the words of Christ, “Do unto others as you’d have them do unto you.” Those words truly are golden when grasped by the heart and not just the mind.

Those words were spoken with love and compassion to some of the people our Savior knew would hate and betray Him. Seeking to understand the hearts behind the scared eyes of those who adopt opinions or religions based on their free will and fear is the beginning of being able to really communicate with others. Not just argue and preach truth, but live truth, breathe it into the lives that so desperately need it.

“And the Truth will set you free.”

I suppose as long as either the Ford or the Chevy get you there, it’s all good.

Know what I mean?