The two of us at Crackerjax

The two of us at Crackerjax

In the wee hours of the morning, I wrapped my arms around the both of them and prayed. Time brings about drastic changes in the lives of youngsters. After they left, even though it was only three o’clock in the morning, sleep evaded me like a hunt for leprechauns and unicorns.

I thought back to other times in her life when our youngest was anxious, apprehensive, and downright nervous. One in particular I chronicled right here back in August of 2010 – that post, “The First Day Of School”, was precisely that; her first day of junior high school.

I shared how I prayed with her sitting on my knee prior to the bell on her first day of school, back before it wasn’t cool to sit on your dad’s knee. I knew even more difficult days lie ahead for her – it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure that out.

I also knew instinctively that if they were going to be tough for her, they were gonna be tough for me… It’s hard to have one without the other, that’s like trying to lose your shadow in an Arizona summer.

My wife and little one got up at three, our youngest had to be at the airport at four thirty. I rolled out of the sack for just one reason; to pray with and for my little one. Not just her, but her classmates and all the folks going on the mission trip to Costa Rica.

I prayed for safety, for them being the hands and heart of God, and for fun… It’s tough sending your teenaged daughter into the unknown or uncertain. The snug grip of my daughter’s arm around me as I prayed said it all…

She’s not little anymore. She’s not worried about trivial things like forgetting her locker combination these days. She’s learned that it’s a fallen world and for far more than just the theological point of view taught at her Christian school. She knows this world is ugly and has more that its share of evil.

This is her calling. It’s her turn, it’s her time. Our job is to support and pray.

I knew when I penned that post four and a half years ago that God was preparing her for events like this. He brings all of us along for His good will and purpose. Our job is obedience, and like I shared back when I started this site; that’s easier said than done…

Our youngest will be gone for eight days. That’s a long time for me… I pray it’s not for her.

Our flesh tends to want to make life a cakewalk for our loved ones, but I know at this point in my life that kind of reasoning backed up with actions is a disaster in the making. We’ve all seen that first hand.

I’ve learned that being uncomfortable brings about wisdom and joy in a way that only the ones that have experienced it can grasp… During trying times, I find true comfort in prayer …

And on my knees…