Mathematics was a necessary evil that didn’t come easy to some kids. I was one of them. But words came easy. While math was a painful chore, reading was a walk in the park. Creative writing didn’t come as easy, still doesn’t I suppose, but the process of creating is gratifying.

Not all words are created equal. Our best words probably aren’t going to earn you or me a Pulitzer Prize, but that doesn’t mean our words don’t have a purpose.

Some of my words lately have taken a detour. They have a different sound, but a similar purpose; to prod emotions out of the hearts of others. Their purpose is to make others think and relate similar feelings of their own lives and circumstances.

These words I’ve been creating in some ways are easier, but in other ways a whole lot harder, specifically setting the rhyming words to music.

A father's Pride

creating is a gift from God

Music is magical, spellbinding. Especially when it’s mixed with words that speak to our hearts. I’m not saying my words are magical, just music in general. I can say that mine, whether rhyming or not, are from the heart.

Here’s a song I wrote lately. The tempo is similar to Neil Diamond’s “Morningside – (For My Children)”.

“When he died
I silently cried
I couldn’t hide
The tears were justified

Years roll by
We sometimes cry
I can’t deny
I struggle to see blue sky

Although he died
His legacy cannot be denied
A man whose lips never lied
The Father’s pride

Oh, Dear Lord
It’s like my heart’s been pierced by a sword
I recall the man that everyone adored
… his soul has soared

Though life is sad
I was blessed to have the dad I had
The life he lived was full and dignified
The Father’s pride

Although he died
His legacy cannot be denied
A man whose lips never lied
The Father’s pride”

There you go. Not grand, but real. If and when I get music set to it I’ll share it here.

Where are your words taking you?