Perry asked me to pass on that Jacquelyn’s celebration of life will be on Saturday the 24th at Impact Church in Scottsdale. 15650 N 83rd Way Scottsdale, 85260, at 11 am.

This is the day that Jacquelyn Kim Vettraino went home to be with the Lord. From now on this day will be a day of remembrance.

Perry, Jacquelyn, Max, Christian, and Roman

Jacquelyn left a legacy that touched many lives, the most important being her family; Perry, Roman, Max, and Christian. She was a devout wife and mother who was used by God to help shape all of them into people of honor.

I’ve witnessed more people passing from this realm to the next than I ever cared to, but Jacquelyn was the first to do it with the ease from seeing it as an opportunity to show God to the rest of the world. And that’s exactly what she did. One of Jacquelyn’s friends came back to faith by seeing her faith and seeing her walk the walk after years of talking it. And that’s just one of many people she touched while navigating the most difficult part of her life.

A few days ago, after fighting a valiant battle with cancer for eight months, Jacquelyn whispered, “I want to go home.” She didn’t mean their house, she meant heaven.

We watched Jacquelyn fight the disease and speak boldly of her faith in public and private. I thought she might be less certain at the end. After all, that’s what I expect from most people, myself included. I was wrong, she never wavered in her faith and trust in God… Who took her home this morning with a smile on her face.

Jacquelyn was as beautiful in death as she was in life. And that also is a first for all of us.

I’m honored to have been a small part of Jacquelyn’s life, and of course my life long friend Perry and their boys as well.

If you’re a praying person, please send some up for Perry, Roman, Max, and Christian on this day of remembrance.