I can tell by the way he acts, he’s dumb. Dumb and happy. Springtime makes him reckless. The almost constant roar of sirens going to pick up sick people doesn’t even phase him. He’s distancing himself from everybody except the one who’s caught his fancy. He shows off for her.

He doesn’t know it, but as I watch, he’s showing off for me too. I’m impressed at his lightening speed and grace. He’s got God given gifts. I’m tellin’ you – that boy can move.

And as the world crouches in fear and wrings their hands in anxiety – worrying about life, he’s living his, and at full speed.

It’s not just him, although he’s the center of attention, it’s all of life in the world that is my backyard. Although I’m almost as busy as usual, I’ve been able to take a few minutes here and there to watch the simple, yet magical, world of the birds and the bees from a front row backdoor seat.

A lot of us are worried about tomorrow. It’s hard not to ponder the “what ifs?” Not only that, many of us ponder the lives of the less fortunate. How will they make it if this Corona Crisis lasts? I don’t have the answers.

I have two daughters and a son in law on the front lines. They’re close and some personal with those that have contracted the virus. Their employers don’t have enough masks. One is using a mask a week. The masks are supposed to be tossed at the end of every shift. The other has been told to use her mask indefinitely…

Those yellow bells to the left of the umbrella is Mr. Hummingbird’s favorite nectar

And as the world goes to hec in a hand cart I recall wise words. “Let tomorrow worry about tomorrow,” the words of God Himself. Matthew also recorded the words of the Messiah regarding the two sparrows being worth almost nothing monetarily, and yet He knows and cares when one dies.

As I watch the life of the birds and bees go on without the slightest idea of the trouble we face, I’m also reminded of the Lord’s Prayer. One specific line repeats in my mind, “Give us THIS DAY our daily bread.”

The animals, the birds and bees, have been given the instinct to trust their Maker… They live each day and make the most of it. They don’t worry about tomorrow… even in drought, storms, scorching days, and freezing nights.

Those of us that know God have the infinite wisdom and instinct to know that He will provide. It might not be exactly what we want, and it certainly isn’t what He wanted, but this fall was a choice. We’re all related to Adam and we’re all related to one another and this fallen world is reality.

Maybe Mr. Hummingbird isn’t really dumb and happy. Maybe he’s just happy. It could be that even his pebble sized brain grasps that God will see Him through all the days He’s granted him. There’s a lesson in to be learned for all of us. And it might just come from your own backyard.