you reap what you sow

image courtesy of photobucket.com

“Money for nothin’ and the chicks for free.” That was the chorus of a popular song by Dire Straights from back in the 80’s. It was a catchy tune and an amusing line. If that were the sentiments of our society then, my guess is our society’s appetite for all things with less effort has most certainly increased. But remember, you reap what you sow.

Identity theft is at an all-time high and increasing faster than can be calculated. Get rich quick schemes are back en vogue as well. Our broke state governments are spending massive amounts of our tax dollars on advertising state lotteries, preying on the emotions of a fractured society.

The majority of the reality TV shows are selling lifestyles of the rich, or wanna be rich and famous. Our society is obsessed with reaping what we haven’t sown. It seems that in the computer age it is possible to not reap and yet sow. Interesting how a generation has forgotten that everything in this fallen world comes at a cost.

We hire a guy to help plant winter and sometimes summer grass. I love the vibrant green of the grass that looks like a golf course! We seem to have a continuing problem year after year; yellow grass…

Our landscape guy reaps sparingly trying to sow abundantly. It never works… There are no shortcuts in life. The seeds we give or plant sparingly in this life will reap the same way. We can only get out of something that we put into it.

It seems obvious that this is a fact of life from an economic standpoint, but what of a spiritual one? Even more so… If I invest little in the things that are important to God, how would I expect to gain any more than I invest spiritually?

I’ve known people in my life that had massive self-discipline when it came to being frugal. Their entire life was obsessed with the collecting and saving of the almighty dollar; their God. In the end, the small percentage that did well still lived like they had one foot in the gutter and one hand in the trash can. Doesn’t sound like a “life more abundant” does it?

Likewise, I’ve seen their counterpart in church regularly. Sang the songs, knew the scripture and left the building every Sunday and looked down their noses at other people for a myriad of reasons. Those same people would have the same intolerance and heart toward the lost world that the lost world now has for anyone who calls themselves Christian.

I’ve also taken notice of the fact that most of these type of people had only immediate family at their funerals in many cases. I’ve seen others whom those same legalists chalked up to be “sinners,” as if they were somehow above the title themselves.

I witnessed the lives of the people who bore the judgment of the heartless. While they were busy judging, the real people who had a heart given by God were busy helping the less fortunate. The were silently doing for the less fortunate, single mothers, and widows.

Those genuine people were looking to help anyone who crossed their paths. Those folks were sowing with the heart and hand of God.

I’ve been to funerals for these big-hearted people. A few times the services were held in the same churches that these people were chased from by the hypocrites. For those late to these people’s funerals, they would have to listen from outside. Many of the fortunate would stand in the back and sides during the service due to the lack of seats.

I’d been to one of those churches a good portion of my childhood. I never saw it that packed on Christmas… What does that say about that person?

Interestingly, those people who gave far beyond what we ever knew always seemed to have more than most.

What the world treasures and grasps with a white-knuckle grip, the Christian freely gives with open palms according to what God’s put in their heart. Although if we give to get, the gifts will come back like the heart they went out from; empty…

The world can’t measure the blessings provided by God. The number system we have can’t calculate the peace and joy of a heart filled by the power and love of God.

“Money for some things, and God’s gift for free”…