There was a song that bounced it’s way up the charts back in the eighties by a group called The Gap Band. They had a few big hits, but I think their biggest, and my favorite, was titled, “You Dropped A Bomb On Me”.(click here for a trip back in time)

you dropped a bomb on me

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I don’t go out of my way to listen to that song these days, although I should, but I’m still astounded how our brains work and amazed at how an old song from decades back can be prompted by something not remotely related, like say… a little birdy.

It’s a rare occasion when I expose my skin to the vicious rays of the sun. And when I do, it’s not for long. Some of us have to learn the art of moderation the hard way. That’s what makes the unfolding events what the bookies call, “A long shot.”

I was taking in some sun, watching the birds, and the time, pondering the possibility of hummingbirds having bird ADD. They were eating, but seemed to be constantly distracted and couldn’t resist a little horseplay… or whatever birds call it. Maybe bird foolery.

The world of the sky in nature looks like orchestrated chaos. The crows, the blackbirds, the birds of brilliant color, and the wrens, they all dance across the sky like shooting stars.

There’s just something about looking up… I think it’s designed by God. The simple physiological act of raising our chins from slumping, it somehow lifts our spirits as well.

But even on a good day, things can go south… and not just for the winter. We’ve all had those days, the ones where things seem to be cruising along just fine, and then calamity, of varying degrees, gets dropped on us.

The bombs come, but how we deal with them, I think, has everything to do with how long the shelling continues, at least the way we perceive it spiritually.

All of us, at one time or another, have scanned the sky, pondering our difficulties, and have, maybe not verbally, but at least in thought, told God, “You dropped a bomb on me”. I’d also bet that it’s not a few of us that have even shook our fist at the Almighty.

There are big bombs and miniature bombs, but all of them can have an effect on us when we feel like we’re the target. It’s about perspective.

The older I get the more my perspective parallels The Serenity Prayer; “God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, courage to change the things I can, and wisdom to know the difference.”

I’ve had bombs dropped on me my entire life, just like all of us, and I used to seethe with anger and hatred.

The bird reminded me with a ghastly test… he dropped his bomb from his rear cargo door about ten feet up. I nodded, giving him kudos for his pinpoint accuracy.

I also sang him a song as I was heading to clean his bomb off of my shoulder, “You dropped a bomb on, (Duh-duh-duh-duh, baby) You dropped a bomb on me.”