you dont look like a writerI’ll be the first to admit that writing doesn’t really “look” like me. I “look” more like a thug… Someday I’m gonna cut my hair, wear proper apparel for the occasion, and look like a writer, but not today…

I don’t think looks have much to do with anything, I try to live my life by the old adage, “Don’t judge a book by its cover,” but I too fail sometimes.

In truth I didn’t choose writing, it kinda chose me. Sometimes people are called to things that they wouldn’t probably have chosen if it were left up to them. To be honest, I kind of went the other direction from writing. I wasn’t as “called” or blatantly disobedient as Jonah, but I had my own ideas, (big surprise).

I still sleep like a rock at night. I know many people my age that struggle to sleep, even with all the issues I’m dealing with on an ongoing basis, I have a pretty “sweet sleep.”

About three years ago in the middle of the night something happened to me that had never happened before. From a dead sleep, I raised right up in bed, wide-eyed, pressed in my spirit. I’m not saying it was a premonition, I am saying a Spirit of concern came upon me for the first time in my life and not only woke me from my sleep, but even sent me to my chair in our room.

I turned on the light, found my wife’s pen on the end table, and scoured through her papers to find something blank to write on. I started writing about my dad recalling his life in my concern for his well-being.

My dad was in fine health at the time and I was puzzled about God’s spirit that directed me to write from my heart what I would title “A Humble Man.”

I called my parents the next morning to make sure everything was OK; it was. I didn’t think too much about the draft after that. About a year later on a weekend morning without any previous at least conscious thought of it, I walked into my home office and scribbled an outline for a book that took me all of less than ten minutes to pen.

That manuscript “The Common Threads Of Greatness” landed me here on this blog doing what I do. That manuscript considers the Biblical character traits that make up great people and relates to many stories from my childhood. I used principles my dad taught me through mistakes I’d make along the way and how he used his wisdom to achieve that.

Just over a year ago, before my dad’s funeral, my brother helped me clean up and edit the draft God woke me up in the middle of the night to write in memory and honor of my dad.

One of the several preachers that officiated my dad’s service mentioned after having read the Humble Man draft, “For those of us who knew Harley, know that he was indeed “A Humble Man.”

My dad was from the old school. After having read the draft honoring him and his life a couple of years before God took him home, had this to say about that draft, “That’s very nice, thank you son”…

That’s the first time I know for sure I saw tears in my dad’s eyes…

I tell the story for a couple of reasons. First of all, I write this as a reminder for everyone out there who knows God. He has specific tasks and responsibilities for all of us. It probably won’t make us rich and famous, but it will fulfill even if for only one other person in this world, one of the purposes you and I were born.

The second reason I share the story is to remind myself of the fact that it wasn’t me who wanted to open myself up to rejection and critics in this manner. When I’m struggling to do what I feel is my responsibility and I sense it’s going nowhere, I have to remind myself why I do it in the first place.

Never mind me…

To God be the Glory!!!