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We’ve all used a lot of words in our lives, probably listened to less… We hear, but we forget… Some words hang with us, but most die like a flower at the end of a season. I had a meeting with a guy last week, we shared a lot of words; I find I listen better than I used to. He has written a lot of things, got quite a bit of his work published. A guy worth listening to, especially from my perspective.

The guy told me about a friend of his who has written eighteen novels. Wow! That’s a lot of writing, and he lives now on his writing income. The friend shared with the guy I was meeting with that he had written over a million words in the last year… I pondered that number. It’s a big number.

Some quick calculations in my head revealed to me that I too have written that many words in the last year… I pondered the amount of words all of us use and share in a year and across our lives. How many words spoken have helped others? How  many have hurt others?

I wondered to myself in a sort of daze about the words we spend on ourselves and then others. I wondered how much the words have cost us and others? I questioned the value of our words and if our words left their origin and fallen on ears that let the words die because they had little value.

I’m curious to know if the words we use and write are bringing life? As the ink dries behind my scribbles, is it the death or birth of an idea? Do our words die with the drying of the ink or does it breathe supernatural life into others? The line is finer than the line of a pen.

I meditate on the idea of our words spent on ourselves as clever promotion… Is the truth of God first? I’d say only He knows which side of the line we’re currently flirting.

The value of our words, written or spoken, all depend on our heart and perspective. When our words bring the truth of God in love and compassion for others, they find life. Our words when carrying that truth have a life in His word. The miracle of words is a gift from God, the true and living Word.

The life and death of our words depend on the story and message they carry. When our words point to His creation without acknowledging the power behind what it is we speak or write of, imminent death awaits our words. They will fall to the ground and mix with the earth, lost in His creation, and it doesn’t matter how many words we write or speak in a year. The life of God in us gives our words wings.

“God is omnipotent.” Those three words might be the most profound words I’ll write this year or ever in my life. If we read all the words of scripture, wouldn’t you agree that this is the central theme or message? If our words don’t start with that at the core of our message…

We’re wasting our time…

And words…