winds of changeWe’ve all witnessed a lot of changes in this life, some good, some hard, but inevitably, the winds of change blow through our lives. Change is a funny thing. How we perceive it makes all the difference  in our worlds. Most of us push, squeeze, and fight with every last ounce of energy to keep change from becoming our reality, but alas we only prolong destiny.

Every one of us changes physically and mentally with time and experience, but it’s the change inside a person that we can’t see that ultimately reveals who we are.

I had a friend who had it all – a great wife and family. He was a huge personality that everyone knew and loved – he was just one of those people who had “it” – that charisma that speaks above and beyond words. When my friend’s business went south, like many of our’s did around five or six years ago, my friend changed everything… An ugly wind of change… He took his own life…

I have another business associate who seemed like he had all the material possessions to rival anything seen on TV, but he never has had a wife or children. When the winds of change that blew through our economy five years back finally subsided, all the things that represented his life styles of the rich and famous were gone… with the wind.

The exotic sports car was replaced with a pickup truck. Like a fighter who got knocked down – he picked himself back up, dusted himself off, put his pride in his back pocket and got back to work. When the winds of change blow through our lives – and that is a when, not an if – like a treasure uncovered in the sand, we have nuggets of wisdom waiting to be picked up and cherished.

Both of those men couldn’t see the treasure placed at their feet called wisdom. Sure, one overreacted and took what really didn’t belong to him, but while the other one learned intellectually, he missed the prize that is worth more than gold: what Solomon valued higher than all the riches on earth; wisdom.

Not all change is easy, but all change brings opportunity… we just have to have the right perspective.

When the winds of change that devastated more people than I can recount in the last recession petered out in my life, I too was knocked down… face first… After I shook the cobwebs off, right in front of my eyes and heart laid the pearls of wisdom… Chasing anything other than wisdom from God is chasing the wind… and that will never stop the changes that ultimately cross all of our paths.

May He make them straight and level as we follow the riches of wisdom into eternity…