We sauntered along the old scenic city sidewalks after dinner stopping at each little downtown shop. Some stores were closed, but that didn’t stop our curiosity and window shopping.

The little town saddling route 66 was bustling. Restaurants, bars, hotels, art stores, and even horse drawn carriage rides behind a massive Clydesdale. My wife and mom are more adept shoppers than I am. It seems like women tend to be a little more smitten with ogling objects, even if they don’t really want or need them than men.

I followed the two most important women in my life patiently. They’d show me or point to something and I’d nod thoughtfully with no expression, the way men do after they’ve been worn down by life… and women shopping…

I took a break from a few stores in the cooling Northern Arizona air and people watched and listened. While the window shoppers were doing their thing I strolled over to get a close-up look at the horse that had just dropped his latest fare.

Just west along Route 66 was another store… there’s always another store. “Oh, Floyd! You’ve got to come in here – you’re gonna love it!” my mom said. When people that know you very well say things like that there’s a pretty good chance they’re right.

While my mom, my wife and myself don’t have the exact same taste, we do all share the appreciation and love of art.

Generally, women are famous for their shopping prowess, it just takes the right product to turn men from spectators into passionate participants. It didn’t take a whole lot of time for the reversal of roles to take effect, “Diane – look at this!” I whispered too loudly, “How cool is that?” I asked my wife drinking in the scratchboard art with my eyes the way a thirsty man does water in the Arizona summer.

“Yeah, that’s amazing,” my wife agreed as I went to round up my mom to show her the cowboy sipping a cup-uh-Joe.

The truth is, I wanted that artwork. It wasn’t that much money for a numbered piece of art, but after a lifetime of self-discipline I just couldn’t justify it. I was happy to have been able to see it and appreciate it.

I think that’s one of the issues we as a society face today; many of us believe we have to own or have title and possession of something to enjoy it. We forget the show of God we participate in daily; the majesty of a sunrise and a sunset as well as the birds flying in between cost us nothing. We take for granted the window shopping of God’s creation.

window shopping

The Cowboy Sipping A Cup-Uh-Joe

I’ve come to realize the best things in life can’t be purchased. We have to accept them as the free gifts that they are and if they had a price tag… not one of us could afford it anyway.

Imagine my surprise two months later when my wife smiled and said, “Hang on a second,” then came back in with the Cowboy sipping a cup of coffee for my birthday.

It too makes for fine window shopping. Enjoy…