real super hero

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I guess I was a little ahead of my time… My kids and wife snicker at the useless things I know about the characters in the resurgent super hero movies. Like all the new nostalgic car models closely resembling the originals from bygone glory days, so society is gravitating back to the pretend super heroes from a day long past.

Sometimes on a Saturday, when I’d earned enough money either raking rocks, collecting and returning Coke bottles, or just scrounging around, my neighbor Bobby and I would ride our bikes downtown. The local pharmacy was the only place in our small town that carried the magical comic books.

I cherished all of them, wanted all of them, but never had enough money for more than one at a time. They had all my favorites, Superman, Batman, The Avengers, that had characters with their own solo comic books as well, like Thor, Ironman, Captain America, and a few others.

Then there were others that I sometimes bought, The Black Panther, Submariner, Spiderman, Aqua Man, and the Fantastic Four, but my all time favorite was the freakiest of all the Super Heroes; The Hulk. By now everyone knows the stories of most of these characters, it was only a few years later they came out with the first Hulk TV series starring Bill Bixby and Lou Ferrigno.

Until that time the cartoon Super Heroes were all ours; the world of little kids, being given a twisted visual of what a hero looks like. We knew the truth, we knew it was  just fantasy. I had several cousins who served in the military and saw action as a kid, maybe it was our way of putting off reality? Or just longing to be a kid for another season… And so we were…

We’d talk about the escapades of our heroes, their mighty strengths and, of course, their weaknesses that the villains always seemed to find out and use against them. The simple truth behind the cartoon characters wouldn’t be realized until much later in life.

It seems regardless the hero; the bigger the strength – the bigger the weakness. So it seems to be in reality as well… One of the problems in our society is that in general, we’re more concerned with “looking” like heroes instead of acting like heroes. Funny thing is, you can’t  tell a hero by the way they look. You can, however, often tell a person that wants to “look” like a hero.

To be fair, it’s unlikely anyone of us enter into the state of courage or bravery without some of the fear and insecurities tagging along. Being a bonafide hero isn’t the absence of fear, it’s doing the difficult thing in spite of it – that’s the true definition of a super hero.

Throughout history some of the most famous people that have given their lives for the benefit of others, we remember as the true super heroes. We rarely speak of how they looked…

True heroes let their actions speak for them… and the supernatural power they possess…

comes from above…will the real super hero please stand up?