why do we do what we do?

image courtesy of photobucket.com

“Nice shirt,” she said with sarcasm in her voice, “You’re really gonna wear that today after we got you all those new ones?” “They don’t fit good,” I replied, “maybe you could try to shrink the grey one again?” “If I do the neck will be too tight,” she reasoned.” “I can clip the collar then,” I answered. My wife didn’t respond… she doesn’t like it when I play tailor on my own clothes… especially when I use my knife.

She just shook her head. Of course, she remembers things better than I do… like my doctor’s appointment that day. Funny, I don’t remember that many holes in that sweatshirt, not sure how they got there? I have to say, though, the spacious collar area; tailored by my switchblade, (legal in Arizona people!), is quite comfy.

Maybe I’m just getting old… I don’t seem to care too much… As young men, it didn’t matter to anyone what we looked like at work. There wasn’t anyone there to impress with wardrobe or style. Those were the days that actions did the speaking for people… fewer words then.

My dad, a blue-collar man, wore threadbare shirts to work often and he wore his work boots until they disintegrated while I was worrying about scuffs on my white Nike tennis shoes… Even after my dad had success in business, he never let his attitude and perspective change.

I wasn’t always like this, sometimes I’m not now. When I have particular meetings, dinner, or church, I have nice clothes to wear, thanks to my wife, but if not those type of events, I head back to my roots. Admittedly, not even my dad wore clothes as bad as mine.

With a closet full of new clothes, why would a person choose to wear the ones with holes? I’m not sure really… Maybe it’s a subconscious tribute to my dad? Maybe it’s me subconsciously provoking the world to judge me? Maybe I’m struggling with a bigger than it should be pride issue that I’m trying to control? Maybe it’s just for the comfort? … Or maybe a little of all of them.

My guess is that we all struggle with things, even seemingly insignificant things that really do say a lot about who we are and our perspective about this world. We all have something, some weakness, some quirk or quirks that read like the big “E” on the eye chart, but may not be so easily defined…

Maybe we all have some inborn independence we enjoy exercising? Maybe you’d like to share one of your quirks? And maybe give some insight as to the why and hows of your little quirk?

Sitting in eye doctor’s waiting room, I noticed something else… My socks didn’t match… While my clothes are all about comfort and a few holes is acceptable, I still have some of the quirkiness about shoes and socks I had as a kid. Patent leather is the preferred material on my tennis shoes… I told you I had quirks…

I wish I could blame the sock mix up on getting dressed in the dark… If I can’t see that, I’m in big trouble in seeing the source of my other quirks…why do we do what we do?