where the battle is won

image courtesy of istockphoto.com

“That’s enough! – That’s good enough! – You can stop now!” I want to listen, but I don’t… Something inside me pushes me. Something won’t let me stop even though I desperately want to. I hear the voice again, “It’s not gonna make a difference, just stop already!” I rarely listen to that voice inside my head. I press on…

From somewhere within the other side doesn’t argue – It doesn’t even answer… It just keeps pressing on through anguish, sometimes physical, sometimes mental, but the side where the battle is won never retreats, never surrenders, even when he should.

We all have struggles within… That’s where our battles are won or lost; from the inside. Nothing happens on the outside of significance without the resolve from the inside.

Even menial things can become a struggle.

I was doing intervals on the stationary bike; twenty-seconds as hard I could go and then a ten-second rest. I usually do five-minute sets, but that day I decided I’d kick it up to six-minute sets. On my third six-minute set, my quads, glutes, and lungs were on fire, they had been for most of the time. I was beginning to be a little light-headed when I heard the voice.

It was the same voice I’ve ignored my whole life… It’s the voice of reason. But the voice of reason if entertained too often, even if over the small things in life, begins to take hold and begins to influence the big things, the greater things we were born to do.

It’s that silent side of our soul that brings the quiet strength. Some people call it stubbornness, that’s likely the case sometimes, but it’s that unspoken voice that doesn’t talk… it acts. It drives us to action. It is the facilitator of our perseverance… It is the winner of the internal battle inside our mind and proves our desire from without.

This is the thing inside designed, created, and inserted into us by God himself. Our actions declare our strength, the strength written of in Isaiah, describing the people who belong to God. It is that quiet strength that stands against the world for those born without it.

It is a gift… and like all gifts can be misused and abused. Somewhere in the supernatural creation of our mind, God also gave us wisdom to stand and speak up in our mind to the timid voice of reason and the quiet strength of that unyielding determination that knows no limits.

Wisdom speaks for God and when ignored, comes with uncomfortable consequences.

All things will submit to God one way or another someday, including the strength of our mind that God owns to begin with. Go and do what it is that reason tells you can’t be done, but listen to wisdom…

You’ll know it when you hear it…

It is the voice of God…