what's in a cheek

image courtesy of photobucket.com

There is something very emotional about a touch on a cheek. I never gave that kind of thing too much of a thought until I felt spiritual passion flow through my cheek. I’ve seen people in movies and in real life reach out and touch a child’s cheek with the back of their hand or the inside of a thumb in a gentle caressing motion to demonstrate love.

I had some of that done to me as a kid, but more often it was the cheek grabbed between a thumb and forefinger to give a little pinch and wag to show affection. I have to admit, little kids have cheeks that do call out for a good pinch!

The cheek is a pretty good sized target for less than loving shows of emotions as well as to contrast perfectly the opposite of affection. As often as I’ve witnessed the gentle show of affection in real life and movies, I’d also witnessed the negative side as well.

I’ve seen many a cheek slapped, even mine once or twice… I can’t remember if I deserved it or not. I probably did, but what I do remember vividly is the sting.

The words we use that evoke emotion in ourselves and especially the ones we speak to all pass through our cheeks on the way toward their intended targets. We use the muscles in our cheeks to help create the sounds we use to express ourselves. No wonder our cheeks receive the brunt of others emotions when expressed in ultimate emotion.

The Bible speaks quite a bit about our cheeks and the actions we’re to follow in response to others show of emotions. We are called to offer our cheeks to the ones who wish to use them as the painful target of their unbridled emotion.

Like most Biblical principles, this one also calls for us to put others feelings and needs before our own. We are called to rely on the strength of God within us to be strong for those who are weak.

When we’re harsh, which I know a bit about, we invite harshness in response. Once the escalation starts, who knows where the emotions might end? Likewise when we are tender and seek to understand others, from strangers to our family and spouse, we attract the same tenderness we’re allowing through our cheeks.

I’m not sure insanity isn’t the word to describe how we often treat others with harshness and expect them to reciprocate in tenderness? As often as I’ve tried that, it has never, ever worked out.

I’m reminded of the power to relate emotion through our cheeks on a regular basis. When I hug my loved ones, I transfer God’s love through our cheeks. I’m also reminded of the line in supernatural love that transfers through my cheek when I touch the cheek of the one that God used to create it in mine; my wife.

God blessed us with much, at the numbering of those blessings, certainly one of them will be the love we share in the touch of our cheeks.