You have to watch what you say these days. I have to be mindful even in my own house, for cryin’ out loud. I learned the hard way with kids that “picking your battles” is really just a fancy way of saying, “You gotta bite your tongue.”

Being politically correct has invaded the walls of our homes. We’ve learned to speak in code words. Not as intricate as John did in Revelation when he was warning the Israelites about the future in the same language as their rulers, but in the same tongue all the same.

After all, being politically correct is all about not offending or causing emotional distress for others. To speak words that bring any kind of spike in emotions is just downright insensitive. And we all know that speaking words that might cause others to react in emotion is just being inconsiderate and intolerant of other folk’s feelings.

We have self-imposed rules against certain words that might cause anyone in the family emotional distress.

I apologize in advance for the four and five letter words I’m going to use in this post.

“Walk” is one of the words we don’t use in our house. It is allowed only if we ARE going for a walk. When we say “walk” out loud and don’t actually take Larry for a walk he’s devastated – emotionally wrecked.
To be politically correct we use the letter “W” as the code word for “walk”.

Another word that isn’t allowed is the word “treat”. I’m not sure which Larry loves more, “treats” or “walks”, but either one is forbidden unless we’re actually going to take him for a “w” or give him a “t”.

While I’m being honest and sarcastic, I’m trying to make a point; and that is the absurdity to which the limit of being politically correct has come to.

I don’t really want to offend anyone else, but when we speak in code words and whispers in our society, shamed into it by a mainstream voice that preaches tolerance for all people but refuses to extend that tolerance to Christians, I’ve had enough.

The very First Amendment in the Bill of Rights is Freedom of Speech, bought and paid for, in majority, by the saints.

I don’t appreciate people calling me names and belittling me for my beliefs or looks, but I recognize their right to do so and support those rights. So when I express my opinions – Don’t Tread On Me.

what you say

Larry fast asleep after a “W”

I know that not everyone reading this shares my opinions, but I support you with respect regardless. I’d appreciate the same courtesy and understanding. After all, even my dog Larry will forgive you if you forget to watch what you say.