Hap-Hap-Hap-Happy Place! image by Photobucket

How fleeting is happiness in this life? I think about some pretty cool things I wanted or wanted to accomplish. After I received them it didn’t take long before I wanted more or something different. Some years back before the huge increase in the cost of old sports cars I was caught up in buying and mostly keeping those old cars. I dreamed of having those cars all of my life. I admired and appreciated them anytime I saw one, in fact, I still do. That’s about the only thing that will turn my head these days. I learned an interesting lesson from that period in my life. I should say I confirmed in more graphic detail the truth regarding such matters. The best part about having a passion for something like those cars was just that; Passion. Call it desire, want, need, or obsession, it’s all the same. The feeling of wanting and working to achieve something is the greatest part of the process. From the day I drove those cars home, I slowly had less desire for them. In time, I’d wash and start or drive them sometimes out of guilt. I eventually sold all of them. I felt like I had to. It seemed sinful to have something of value that I didn’t have time to care for in a matter that showed respect and stewardship. The best memories of the cars now aren’t when I acquired or sold them. It was when I took family members for drives. I mentioned last week one of my favorite pictures of my daughters is one taken with all three of them sitting in the driver seat of one of them. There has even been enough time pass for me to tell the story of how my wife damaged and wrecked the 56′ Vette and I can now laugh. There I was, standing in the garage on the phone with the garage door guy. My wife had torn the garage door off the tracks and it was laying on top or her SUV. No problem, I had it under control until I looked over and saw a big divot on the trunk of the 56′. My wife enjoys telling how I jumped up and down pointing like an idiot while talking to the garage door guy. A couple months later while driving the 56′ for the second time she ran into my work bench which drove it almost through the house wall. The original chrome bumper was destroyed and the hood damaged. I think God has a way of rearranging priorities. It was easy to measure happiness.