Some folks bite their fingernails, some their lips, then there are those that bite other people’s heads off, metaphorically speaking of course. Part of living in this world is that there are worries in this life. The Good Book and Jesus Christ Himself spoke of worry and fear often… and for good reason.

My friend and brother, Caleb Suko just released a book titled “What If – How To Kill Worry And Anxiety Before They Kill You.” Caleb knows first hand about worry, doubt, and fear. He and his wife Christina along with their kids who are all missionaries and headed back to the Ukraine this month are no strangers to struggles in life, all parts, including one story of their son who was diagnosed some time back with cancer and found peace through God in the process that led to his ultimate healing.

Caleb shares his insights and heart in ways that bring real insight into a difficult subject that none of us can hide from. We all get a choice to melt like wax on a hot stove when facing our troubles or to choose the straight and narrow that doesn’t always deliver us from trouble, but marches us through the valleys as the world bares witness to He who gives us life and strength.

I hope you’ll check out Caleb’s book along with his blog and support him and tell your friends about my friend, Caleb. You’ll be glad you did.

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Caleb, Christina and the whole Suko clan!

Caleb, Christina and the whole Suko clan!

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