what does christianity look like

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“That blog has got to change”! she exclaimed in jest. “What do you mean”? I asked. She continued as she chuckled a bit, “I think I know Floyd, and that’s not Floyd”! A little surprised I grinned and answered, “Well, it’s who I am in my heart.”

They are a couple who are our very good friends, they are kind, understanding, fun, and generous. My wife and the person I’ll call Theresa went on to discuss my writings, weaknesses, and heart. I really couldn’t hear too much of the conversation as Theresa’s husband I’ll call James went about our own.

A statement like that really makes you stop and think…

I’ve been pretty up front, or at least tried to be in my writings, I freely confess I have many weaknesses that get the better of me from time to time. I struggle to bite my tongue… There was a time I’d struggle to open my mouth to share what I believed about this world, God, and life after death.

Being a admitted A.D.D., obsessive compulsive type of person, I struggle even more to keep quiet now than I did to speak up then.

I’ll only cover a few more highlights of my weaknesses. This is a blog, not a volumed set of books that would be needed to detail all that I lack. OK, a hothead, or what the Bible refers to as quick to anger. Yes, that’s just one of the hats I’m qualified to wear.

Although I don’t beat up people or inanimate objects anymore, I still fight the emotion that invokes rage within me. I have a few buttons that send me from calm to hurricane faster than lightning strikes.

One of these buttons is a lost world, blinded by their flesh, unaware of the spiritual world around them, speaking of science, not actually science, but a theory or hypothesis that has been changing light years faster than their religion of humanism manifested in their belief of evolution.

On the other side of that spectrum are the religious people who think that by following a set of rules makes them somehow closer to God. These are people who know and read the truth and ignore the very teachings of the one they claim as their master, Jesus Christ.

I think many people have the wrong impression of what people who know God should be. There is no perfection on this earth, that means not any person that walks in it as well.

To know God puts us in a constant spiritual battle with our flesh for the remainder of our time cooped up in our soul cages. Many times we lose the battle with our flesh just like every human who’s ever lived on this earth.

The difference is the understanding of grace which means unmerited favor from God. There is nothing that we can do in this flesh in order to be good enough to be chosen by God. It is only His love, mercy, and compassion coupled with that grace that is His gift offered to anyone.

I’ll admit that I’m weak in many ways, not as an excuse, but as a fact of life for every one of us. The key is to understand our weakness and our ultimate need for a Saviour.

In our weakness and the understanding of it is where we find our need, in that need and confession, is where we find our strength. It is not us, it is God in us…

I’m here to reflect and inspire in Christianity, not as an expert, only God is the expert.

I’m here with you, and we’re all in this together.

Perfection is on the other side…