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The warmer spring days and an earlier rising sun brings extra activities. The birds racing, nesting and chirping, the longer days mean longer work days for the adults and longer play days for the kids. I love the green and blooming trees and flowers, the vivid beauty of God’s creation. However, the spring also brings my arch nemesis, the dreaded never surrendering weeds…

As I pull into my driveway I slow down, not to just ease the jolting of my body and truck on the rolled curb, but to survey my enemies. It doesn’t seem to matter how hard I try to get rid of the weeds, they always show back up, sometimes with reinforcements.

As I pull into the driveway I set my eyes searching from left to right, a man possessed by my mission: Eliminate all the weeds from my yard.

I’ve spent countless hours, year in and year out in search of a weed-free yard. I spray, I pull, and I sweat… Sometimes when I think I’ve won the battle of the weeds, I double, triple, and quadruple check. Just when I’m ready to announce a victory in the battle for that day my daughter comes out with her young eyes and becomes my weed-spotter showing me all the weeds I missed.

I have to confess that I am a tad on the obsessive side, but what would happen if I dare become content with a few weeds?

Many times while pulling weeds with my mind in neutral, it has occurred to me that my life is like the grass I try to keep weed free. This world is no longer the Garden Of Eden and the curse on me to work by the sweat of my brow is a grim reality.

There have been times in my life I’ve been relying on the powerful Weed Controller Himself to keep my life clean and weed free. I see no sign of weeds in my life and then Presto! One thought or action and I can see and feel the weeds of sin trying to take over my manicured spiritual life.

I call on God to clean me and de-weed me, often when those weeds of sin are being pulled out by His mighty hand a few of the good grass roots come out with the weeds. It isn’t pleasant to have my life manicured by God, sometimes it’s even downright painful, but what would happen if I dare become content with a few weed-sins in my life?

When I think God has removed all the weeds for the season, I often don’t double, triple, and quadruple check. Then of course He shows me all the ones I missed trying to avoid the work and the pain associated with the manicuring process.

If feels good to drive in sometimes and not see a weed in sight. It feels even better when my life is dependent on God and I don’t have any weed-sin in my yard of life, even if it’s just for this season.

I know the winds will come, blowing in the seeds of sin, the rains will follow and the process in my yard and in my life will start over. These might be new seeds, maybe different seeds bringing in different weeds, but weeds just the same… After all, this isn’t the Garden Of Eden.

May God set my eyes in search from left to right, a man possessed by my mission:

Eliminate all the weeds from my life…