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Warning: This post may cause Stomach Irritation – Headaches – Nausea – Diarrhea – Impotency – and/or Thoughts of Suicide. This post shouldn’t be read if Pregnant or Nursing… If any of these symptoms occur, discontinue reading and call your doctor immediately!

Everyone should be used to this type of disclaimer by now. I marvel and have to chuckle at the ones I hear on TV. These are a comedic gold mine!

The disclaimer for the products intended to enhance sexual activity are pretty graphic. If you think the disclaimers are just to cover the manufacturers legally, and probably never happen, think again!

My wife, having been a nurse and still on the inside of that social circle, and our oldest having done her internship for her nursing degree, gives me access to at least share with the reader the stories of men with some of those symptoms warned about and advised in the disclaimer to, “Seek professional help,” that some really do! Although none with blindness…

The most puzzling part of the disclaimers for medicines is that in many of the scenarios, at least one of the side effects are an increased chance of winding up with the very thing that the drug is designed to address?

I understand that some people have chemical imbalances and certain drugs do help those select people cope with their issues. I’m curious as to why or how is it that the first thing our society thinks will help them is a foreign substance administered inside their body? Especially after we hear the possible side effects!

My first thought for any ailment in me or anyone I know is, “What can I ingest naturally that might allow the body to fix itself? Or, “What do I need to not ingest inside the body to help repair any problems”?

The most bothersome of all the drugs peddled by the pharmaceutical companies are the anti-depressant and also anti-anxiety medicines. I know some people on these drugs. I don’t’ know one of them that the drugs have helped.

To be sure, they numb the mind and take the sharp edge off of the recipient, but it’s only temporary. I’ve witnessed the people “drugged up” by these anti-depressant and anti-anxiety medicines and they act like zombies; physically there, but they’re not all there mentally.

In the cloud of drugs, the people I’ve seen lose even more grip on their lives. The poison designed to ”control” their mind does just that, and in time the life of stress, anxiety, and depression become even worse.

My theory on this subject has the same cause and cure as all the other problems in our world. I don’t question the fact some people’s minds work differently than others. I get that fact… I too live that fact. Every human being has a tendency to something.

Some people by nature care too little about all the things, big and small alike in their world. Others care too much about the matters of life, and it doesn’t matter if the subject is monumental or trivial.

Regardless of which side of this line a person falls on, it has the some origin. It is how we were wired or designed and it is a gift from God. The gift only causes damage, pain, and spirals out of control when we sprinkle in a healthy dose of the original sin; selfishness.

The anxiousness and melancholy that dance on the fringes of depression, naturally step across that line occasionally. In that state, we can learn and relate to others and ourselves.

There are highs and lows. God’s design for us is to be about others. When we do, the highs are higher and the lows don’t drop quite as deep.

And in the morning, there is rejoicing…

Not side effects…