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Maybe my feelings should be hurt? After all, in almost all situations in life we as humans want to be wanted. I was not wanted that day… In fact, I was avoided like the plague. The scads of people all had their choice, free will if you will, to do a quick scan and make a moments quick decision… but not one of them chose me.

I considered the others that were chosen over me. There were bigger, older, younger, men, women, and get this, even small children were picked over me. In most scenarios, a person would feel downright bad about themselves, but not me so much. I kinda considered it a gift so to speak, a lucky break. Then again I knew luck had nothing to do with it.

I sat focused like Obie Wan Kenobi in my seat using “The Force” to dissuade the passersby, “You don’t want to sit next to him,” I told them telepathically. I could almost see them repeating those words in their minds, “I don’t want to sit next to him…” So they moved on, avoiding me like the Biblical leper, looking as if they half expected me to yell, “unclean!”

All the passengers moved by me as quickly as they could, I read some relief in their eyes, but like the game of musical chairs, I knew someone would be forced to sit next to me regardless of how much none of them wanted to. The stewardess quipped, “It’s a full flight today so quickly grab a seat, all aisle and window seats are just a memory now and we can’t close the cabin doors until everyone is in their seat!”

I’m always hopeful in those circumstances that someone very small might sit next to me, but I can’t recall one time that has happened… so much for wishful thinking… As the last few strangers turned the corner to glimpse the seating situation from front to back, they moved past in desperation looking for any seat other than the middle one next to me.

So they lied… It wasn’t a full flight or someone was sitting on someone’s lap. I didn’t shed a tear. “What a break!” I thought to myself at first, until the reality of the situation got me thinking which usually gets me writing… Maybe I should try to appear a little more approachable?

Maybe it’s a reminder to myself that I too need to look at others and consider their heart? While I won’t know it at a glance, I should be open to whatever it might be carrying regardless of what they look like. Isn’t that one of the biggest problems in our society and world? We see someone who often goes out of their way to cover up or mask their insecurities and we resent them for what they’re trying to hide. Are any of us so different? Don’t all of us carry scars and insecurities with us in this fallen world?

Sure was nice to stretch out a bit while I penned this post on my legal pad… Then it dawned on me… It might not be me? It could be the old grouchy guy sitting in the aisle seat? Then again, I’m sure he has his reasons for his temperament… Maybe stepping on his foot on my way to my seat had something to do with it? Just kidding…

I barely grazed his soul…