two wolves

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Earlier this week my friend Bruce sent me video titled The Two Wolves Inside Me. Bruce knows me pretty well, not to insult him, but generally speaking you might say we’re cut from the same mold. (sorry Bruce, sometimes the truth hurts!)

The video clip hit me like a sledgehammer, I’m certain it hit him the same as well and that’s why he shared it with me. I’m not sure who wrote it, but the site is titled healthy wealthy

In summary a grandfather is teaching his grandson about life, about how all of us have two sides to our personality or “The Two Wolves Inside Me.” All of the words that described the two different sides of what makes up all of us is what stood out to me from the video.

Those words used to describe the good side of our nature or the “good wolf” was joy, peace, love, hope, humility, and truth. I recognized some of those attributes in me at different times in my life. As I read those words I felt comfort and peace.

When the ugly side of our nature was being described I felt an immediate change in my spirit. I was recognizing and reliving the words that describe the polar opposite that is also possible and regrettably probable in our flesh.

Those words that described the bad wolf or the fallen side of our nature were; anger, envy, ego, greed, arrogance, resentment, lie, and false pride. I too recognized those traits used in my life. It doesn’t take a full moon to bring out the worst in people, just ask Little Red Riding Hood, or the Three Little Pigs for that matter.

I think it’s safe to say everyone has used some of the traits available in our flesh and could have been considered the infamous “Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing.” We have an instinct similar to other mammals, so what’s the difference between a good person and a bad person? What makes some of us strive to be different than the instinct we’re born with?

How a person thinks or believes will determine how we’ll ultimately act in our emotions. If someone believes that they’re descended from animals I think there may be a pretty good chance in times of difficulty they will act out in desperation for survival, just like a hungry wolf.

I marvel at the world who believes like this… Intellectually they pretty much buy into that theory of the evolutionary way of thinking. Yet the very people in human history that practiced it, you know, the “survival of the fittest” mantra that would describe some lives, can clearly be seen and agreed upon by all regardless of belief as the worst of human nature. The Hitlers, Stalins, Mao’s of the world.

At the same time all of us regardless of how we believe admire the selfless people in history who have sacrificed to make this world a better place. Even people who don’t believe in God recognize the heroic acts of people who acted above their flesh.

We marvel and wonder at those people who lived their lives contrary to animalistic instincts. The world in majority act like that hungry wolf, sometimes blatantly, sometimes in sheep’s clothing, but relying only on their instinct for survival.

The extreme minority of our world made up of the Christians understand that we aren’t animals. The Bible from Genesis to Revelation speaks clearly to the fact that we have souls, we are made in God’s image and with the power of the Creator in us can live above our fallen nature, instinct, or “bad wolf.”

We’re never going to achieve perfection on this earth, we will feel the two wolves inside us fighting for dominance of our spirit. The wonder of God’s creation is the free will He’s given to us to make choices based on our intellect, not instinct.

I’ll pose the same question the grandson did to his grandfather to you the reader, “Which wolf will win the battle inside you”? Bearing in mind the battle is for your eternal resting place determined here in this flesh.

If you haven’t watched the video we should all still know the answer…

The one we choose to feed…