two dreaded words

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I’ve come to realize a majority of people are influenced by two very powerful words in this world. The words have zero to do with our current reality. In truth, the two words are very wise when spoken in a proper perspective. The words can save time, money, friendships, relationships, even lives.

It’s the two words spoken audibly or inside of ourselves with an emotion of overreaching fear that begins to cripple and damage lives. I think most of us are guilty of using the two powerful words with a wrong mindset, maybe quite often.

I try to have at least a couple weeks of blog posts ready to publish. I can get really busy with work and life, so as a good steward I need to be prepared.

Then there’s the other side of the equation. The innate fear inside my belly… The ugly truth behind the good stewardship on occasion. Sure the positive side is in my mind, but also the weak, human side. The side that is poison in our souls.

When I think of it, it always starts with the two words. The two words that send slight electrical currents through my stomach. Pure poison, anxiety, and stress…

These two dreaded words are, “What if”? – “What if I go completely dry and don’t have anything to write”? – “What if I get writer’s block”? It doesn’t matter that I may or may not be a competent writer, that’s not the issue. All this over something that doesn’t even help feed my family? Can you imagine the Lala land I can deliver my mind into about other matters?

The issue is that fear, on whatever level, is unhealthy. There is no honor when the words “what if” bring about fear. I get the fact that all humans live with fear – I think a certain amount of fear is healthy. It will for sure keep us alive longer!

When the words “what if” bring about prayer, wisdom, and action, it brings God honor. When the words “what if” bring about white knuckle terror within us, we’ve lost the battle for our heart to the world and the masters of this world.

“What if we can’t afford the things we have”? – “What if this trip to the doctor is horrific news”? – “What if Junior ends up in jail”? I think these are fine questions to ask ourselves. It is the emotion or condition of our heart that tell the story, and only what’s inside each and every one of us God and us know.

It is the flesh that fools and traps us… It is the illusion that we have significant control that deceives us… To be able to live free from the fear inside us that the two words; “what if” conjure up, is to understand our rightful place in this world and God’s cosmos.

I believe the paradigm shift that occurs in the mind regarding our transition from fear to peace within, is really God’s miracle in our heart.

I’m not setting myself up as an expert, but I can testify to the power of God over my fears in this flesh. God has changed the way my brain perceives things in my life. I will have trouble in this life, that’s a given, but to truly know in brain, heart, and spirit that God will be there to see us through our “Valley of the shadow of death,” is a bonafide miracle.

If God has allowed something in our lives, it has a purpose. We are called to trust and learn in order to be prepared for whatever purpose God will have in our future to honor Him and in so doing, honor our families and ourselves.

Are we really so full of ourselves that we believe God needs us to worry for Him or ourselves?

Has worrying solved one single thing?

Didn’t Jesus Christ ask, “How can worrying add one day to your life”?

So here it is, the two-dollar question, “Is your biggest fear, standing next to God, bigger than He is”?