turn the pageWe’ve all turned things over. If not a new leaf – at least some pages in our lives. It seems the pages that we turn in our lives reveal the genre of our lives. Some of us have lives that read like cheap dime store paperbacks, but some read like timeless masterpieces. Each phase of our lives make up the chapter, the events are recorded in the memories of others and the books of heaven, but more importantly how we related to the events that ultimately write the non-fictional legacy of our lives.

I think many of us have lived through the difficult chapters and couldn’t be more relieved to turn those pages as fast as we could to get to the next chapter. Funny thing about this life; there’s always another trial… there’s always another difficult circumstance… there’s always another antagonist…. Which means there’s always another choice to be made.

The gift of free will makes us the true authors of our lives and while we can’t choose all the circumstances, we do get to choose how we respond in every one of them. Who we’ll be as the pages turn will go differently depending on what kind of story we desire to write.

We will be the unwilling character forced into a scenario that we didn’t want to be in and try to ignore the reality of the hand we’re dealt until the predicament gets so bad we’re forced to make a stand one way or the other. Or we might choose the easy way out and ignore the character traits that God borns in all the characters of all the turning pages of life.

Then the last option; We can be the character of wisdom and strength that stands against any odds that defile or decay that principled character of the true hero that lies dormant in all of us waiting for the red telephone to ring… That true hero has others jumping at the chance to glimpse the pages of our lives as we turn them.

The trials and antagonists can’t defeat or overcome what it is that powers the life that creates grand pages of a life. That added to one another make up grand chapters that flow together to create a special life… the life chosen by God to be the living and walking masterpiece that only His strength in spirit can provide the power to overcome the evils of this fallen world.

We are the heroes… We get stronger with time, I think. We recognize the guile of the antagonist. We know there is no end to how low they will stoop to keep us from our objective; to turn the pages revealing honor to the One who named us – who chose us to live against the odds – who gives us strength to continue to turn our pages revealing His sovereign and miraculous hand over not only our pages, but also all of creation.

We know how our story ends. We might not know the obstacles or battles, but we know that when we’re done with the allotted pages granted by God the denouement is perfect and there really is a “Happily Ever After.” As we turn the pages of our lives I think it’s good for us to remember that it matters not where the arc of our story takes us… We know where and how it ends. As the author of our own masterpieces, we can use our story to guide the lives of others to the place of never-ending peace.

There’s always room for one more masterpiece. The world is literally starving for them. We just need to let the world look over our shoulders as we turn the pages of our lives. Regardless of what lies ahead or between now and the ending, we need to with all honor and integrity…

Turn the page…