Repost from June of 2011

Some of the basic truisms don’t always ring true… For instance, “Dogs chase cats,” and “Cats chase birds,” aren’t always the case. I know this for a fact… When I was in middle and high school, we had a cat named Bugs and


The new game; LOOKING FOR LARRY can you find him?

one fall afternoon while outside working on my car, I overheard one of the younger kids from the neighborhood while playing, yell to the others, “Don’t go near that cat”! – “He bites”!

I watched Bugs lie in the middle of the cul-de-sac. The neighborhood dogs while 7 times the size of Bugs and whose favorite pastime was chasing cats, would come within about twenty feet of the vicious tomcat before turning away. Sometimes Bugs would go after them. That was one of my first revelations of the truth of truisms.

I shared a story of our oldest daughter’s feline friend Meeka, who got hold of an unexpected lizard intruder a while back and left the lizard with the nickname of “Lefty The Lizard.”

Earlier this week as I was sitting in my truck waiting for it to warm up before I backed out, I saw Meeka in my rear view mirror sprinting for the door. About 3 feet behind and above her swooping up and down toward Meeka’s head was a very mad bird. Not a big bird, it looked like a cactus wren, but it was charging like a bull and thought Mekka was red.

Some things you just gotta see to believe. I never thought a dog would share a treat or a bone unless it was a mother with her pups… Not true…

I saw that one first hand as well. Our dog Larry the Loser sometimes sneaks into the pantry and finagles the box of treats open. He then quietly, carefully picks one up in his mouth and tip toes over to where Lola is laying and drops the delicious snack (I assume) in front of her.

Larry then heads back over to his stolen treasures and takes one for himself and quietly makes his way over to his basket to enjoy his illegally gotten gains.

I guess I shouldn’t be too surprised when some of the truisms for humans are disintegrated as well.

I saw a guy fall three stories off a roof and walk away without a scratch. Many people I know have witnessed people who mathematically couldn’t make ends meet without receiving any extra money make ends met and for extended periods of time.

We’ve also seen people walk that had no medical evidence that it was possible. Similarly, we’ve watched people live a pretty good life with no medical explanation as to how or why.

Some things just don’t make sense when we observe with only our senses. As Christians, we know that this world can’t be measured only in physical terms. We know what the wise of this world call unexplained phenomena is easily explained phenomena when we understand the makeup of the cosmos is spiritual first, physical second.

Our souls were created “Before the foundations of the universe.” We know this jaunt through our physical lives is “like a breath.” Then the choice made in the short time here to either accept God’s truths and the miracle of His son Jesus Christ’s death and resurrection, or deny it, decides our eternal place for our soul to exist.

Many of the truisms in this world we find out are just the “most of the time-isms.”

The only “truisms” in this world are the ones in the Bible that the secular world has now spent thousands of years trying to refute. Interestingly enough, many of the ones who’ve set about to disprove God’s word and dissect it closely come to the same conclusion…

God’s word is true…

If this realization wasn’t enough, today another worldly “truism” was shattered…

My youngest beat me in a game of pinball…

Is there nothing sacred in this world outside of God’s word?

I mean, come on!