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I have a friend (I know that might be hard for some of you to believe) whom I’ve never met in person. Her name is April McKinnon, she has a blog titled Blessed Beyond Measure. Over the last few months, I’ve got to know her by reading her blog. April writes from the perspective of being blessed by God beyond what she could ever measure. I’ve come to believe that anyone who reads the words from her heart will also be “Blessed Beyond Measure.”

April shared with us one of the Christmas traditions of her family. It just so happens it’s one of the same ones I share with mine. I’ve written a post about it on her site. Maybe some of you have the same tradition as well. Take a quick trip over and visit April’s site, even if you’re not at this time, eventually you will be “Blessed Beyond Measure.” ¬† Please click here¬† leave her a comment to cheer her up as she will be recuperating from a surgery, maybe even a Merry Christmas!