k17176742The stout bearded man carried the football in a way that showed he’d had one in his thick hands practically his entire life. He still cradled the ole’ pigskin like it was one of the tools he’d mastered and was at home in his hands.

I smiled as I watched him at the high school football game and considered the similarities in my own life. I can’t say I’ve mastered it, but I truly appreciate strolling across a blank page with a fine pen leaking thoughts in its wake.

Writing for me brings a sense of gratification, a sense of physical and spiritual fulfillment. Then again, so does a football, basketball or baseball too. Simply peddling a bicycle with the wind tickling my face is one of those magical masterings too.

Another one, I guess if forced to choose my favorite, would be the one I spent the most time with. The one I’ve accomplished the most in my life with, even if in a roundabout way. The one the rests in my right hand as if it were made to be there.

This is a tool that meant so much to me in my early adulthood that I actually hung one on the wall of my first home… This instrument was the only thing that I found enough value in, and had so much passion for what it represented to me, that it was the only decoration that adorned my walls in that humble abode.

Some folks hang awards, plaques, paintings, photographs, swords, guns, deer or moose heads, and maybe an occasional shelf for knick knacks. Me? Naw, I hung something on my wall that reminded me of the magic I felt when it was clasped in my hand and action. My wall art was a hammer…

A lot of sun ups and sundowns have come and gone since the days I hung a chrome framing hammer on my wall. It’s been close to the same amount of time since I swung that hammer to put food on the table and gas in  my truck.

The one thing that hasn’t changed in all that time is the way I feel when I hold a heavy hammer in my hand… these days with crooked fingers like the ones my great grandpa sported.

I had the rare occasion to swing a mighty hammer a couple weeks back. It felt good… I guess it’s like ridin’ a bike… The set and sink of a nail in rhythm is like music to my soul… the gratification of mastering a tool… albeit a simple one… but maybe that’s why it feels even more fulfilling.

I can’t say that all the things I’ve done in my life have brought me gratification and pride in accomplishment, some just the opposite, along with the feelings…

The honorable tasks of passion are gifts from God above. Since God made the creation, you know He appreciates the beauty of it and when someone paints pictures of His creation that declares His majesty.

But based on what I know, I’m pretty sure He’s partial to a hammer too…

Especially a chrome one…