today's gift

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Another day… Uhhhh… Things to do, people to see, hurdles to clear. There will be problems, there always are. I prepare myself mentally for the setbacks ahead, like a lawyer planning his case. I’ll consume a good part of the day preparing to make my point, to win.

What will I gain today? What will I lose?

It’s easy to fall into the trappings of this life and get caught up in the moment. I’m not endorsing a life of no responsibility or ignoring reality, I’m considering the perspectives that make up our mindset regarding a day.

Is life good or isn’t it? Is each day a blessing or a curse? To be sure we don’t live in the Garden Of Eden, those days are long past. What was the first day like? I’ll bet it was stunning… Doesn’t today still hold some of that beauty?

The sunrise and sunset; is it something to stand in awe of, or curse the sun for being in our eyes? Is the weather not up to our exact desire? Or can we find comfort in another day regardless of conditions? Are the birds a nuisance or are they a gift to observe?

It was cold outside as I wrote, but I sat outside anyway… the new pals the birds and I. As I sat considering a day, a few things came to me… We don’t get that many days in our lifetime, to be sure not many of us will be satisfied with the amount of days appointed to us.

In truth there haven’t been that many days since the first one. Each day is a gift and one of our most precious commodities. I’ve squandered many of the days I’ve been given. Early in life, to the foolish things of youth. In the middle years I’ve overlooked the gift of a day, trying to collect things that will rust or turn to dust.

Today is a gift from God… I’m not suggesting we won’t have troubles, that is a guarantee in this fallen world and a promise from Jesus Christ himself, but He also said, “But take heart for I have overcome the world.”

If God has overcome the world, doesn’t that include today and every day? Since we have that promise, shouldn’t we “rejoice and be glad” in each day, regardless of the fallen nature we deal with on a daily basis?

The oranges are almost ripe for the second yield this year. I love eating fruit off the tree. The birds get their fair share, picking the ones that have been pecked by the birds is just part of the process. I don’t blame them, I’d eat the oranges if I were a bird too…

As I sat in the chill enjoying the day, I was approached by one of my new pals. I’m not sure he really liked me at all, after all, I’m no Dr. Doolittle. The little sparrow knew I had bread. If he had the guts, I had the bread to share. I sat the crumbs on the table in front of me. He watched from a distant chair, back, waiting, longing for some breakfast.

He finally got the guts to fly over and land on my table. He looked me in the eyes for a few seconds to make sure I was safe before he grabbed the biggest piece in his beak and flew off. That bird celebrates every day with a song, almost as if he is aware that the Creator knows the number of his days and when he falls.

If our Father cares for the birds of the air, how much more should we celebrate and appreciate today’s gift from God?