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I’ve heard it said that there are different ways to skin a cat. I was never too interested in finding out any details in the matter. Truth is, I like cats. I get the point, always did. There can be different steps or processes taken to achieve the same, or at least similar results.

Since the long gone days of youth and innocence have deserted me I’ve come to apply that simple truth to my thought process and perspective as well. It doesn’t come naturally to me even after all this time though.

In one of the battles with the heart and soul, as usual, the flesh took the first shot. We were out of town and for some unknown reason another adage rears its ugly ole head; “Whatever can go wrong will go wrong.”

I got a call from the attorney to let me know that after all the documents I’d signed the day before… there was just one more… That was also the day that business personnel ran off the rails… And our youngest called me in tears with a school emergency. The long weekend we’d planned to celebrate our anniversary, the one I thought I had all the contingencies in place to cover, was coming unwound at the seams.

The flesh claims victory. It’s what comes to it naturally. I can almost see the virile monster of the flesh with one big boot on the neck of a seemingly groggy soul and spirit. The too timid soul struggles to awake to the reality of this fallen world.

I’m pretty sure God doesn’t use the analogy “to skin a cat”, but He does use different ways to get our attention. Sometimes it takes using our senses to see the reality of this world and to bring a less emotional response to ebbs and flows of a day in the life.

I hung up the phone yet again. My flesh clearly in control. Then I spotted her. That’s when my soul and spirit awoke from the haze and assault of the flesh.

She was old. Her grey shoulder-length locks curled naturally at the edges from under her faded brown derby. The skin on her shriveled face was cooked dark brown by the sun. She was sitting at the outside edge of an outdoor food court. The homeless woman had everything she owned with her in her borrowed shopping cart. Her thick ankles and severely swollen and discolored feet spoke to her serious circulation issue.

As my heart melted for this woman, somebody’s daughter at one time, so did my flesh.

The good and even admirable things of this life can be so easily used against us. It’s easy to get wound up with ourselves and all of our own issues and problems, most of which is usually created by us.

God has a way of getting our attention and bringing us back to a better perspective in a host of ways. Of all the different ways He could use to skin a cat so to speak, using the gifts of our senses to control our emotions seems pretty gentle.