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There’s red, and then there’s red… Lucky for me red is my favorite color. Maybe it’s not a coincidence? Sometimes my sensory gauge will fade to yellow, but not as much as others is ย my guess. White? Fuh-getta-bot-it! I only see white when I”m sleeping… and even then sometimes the world behind my closed eyelids is a supernatural world of vivid red battles.

The colors represent a mindset, red being on extreme alert, ready for danger. Yellow is paying attention, just in case of something unexpected, and white is peaceful relaxation with zero sense of danger. Even though informed or taught, these senses have been alive and well my entire life. Too alive and well I’m afraid…

This is like everything else in life. It’s a built-in gift from God but taken too far can be taxing – on everyone close enough to us to know the world we live inside. I think most of us have weaknesses, yes there’s something for all of us. Some of us seem to have more weaknesses than others, but weaknesses and tendencies all the same.

The troubling part of our weaknesses, beyond the obvious, pondered here on a regular basis, is the part that rarely gets touched upon; the other loss… the things we miss along the way. The simple gifts that we take for granted.

Tommy Lee Jones has a line in the movie Men In Black. It was the most intriguing part of the entire movie for me. Just before the senior Man In Black reveals to Will Smith, the rookie MIB that he has been training as his replacement, he gives a great rendition of a man burned out from the daily stress of his job and life.

The Man In Black looks tired, exasperated, he looks spent as he desperately looks to the night sky and gazes fully upon the stars of the night. He then asks a question to his partner and himself, “They’re beautiful aren’t they”? The rookie MIB looks around confused, in a hurry… He can’t see the beauty… He’s on the hamster wheel of life… Kinda like the majority of us in real life…

God’s gift and beauty surround us and yet we won’t see them or recognize them. Our perspectives have been poisoned by society, betrayed by our very own senses. A good number of us are pushing through life with our built in cautionary alarms set to yellow in anticipation of red alert.

We see the person cutting us off, cutting ย in line, taking any advantage of any other person that they can, as they too rush through life on red alert. We stress to be the best we can be for ourselves, for our children, for our spouse, for the pride and ego of doing our lives well.

The lights of our alarms blind us to the weaknesses of those insecure people in our lives trying to win, struggling to feed their ego, fulfill their pride… the same things we can’t see or don’t want to see in ourselves.

The wise among us see and experience the beauty and gifts from God all around us. Have you seen the stars in the night sky lately? They are beautiful aren’t they? It might be time to reset our internal color alert system. The bright light of God is where we find rest and through those eyes the world has a different look.

That perspective will give us a completely different look as well…

The look of love…