they aren't that into you

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I’ve read those words more often than I’ve wanted to and much more than I ever anticipated. Even after a fairly long parade of trudging through this fallen world and experiencing the disappointments along the way, this familiar reminder still takes a bit out of my heart like a hungry dog does canned food.

I’m not sure what the percentage is, but bad news is delivered to my email just as efficiently as the good news. To be honest, I’ve had much worse news in my life, but this one stings a little closer to the heart. After all, it is my heart that I’ve tossed into outer space with no line of defense.

I talk to myself sometimes when I get the unwanted announcement, “Who now?” I sit in my chair of grim reality contemplating the thoughts of the person who would rather not read the heart or perspective I’m sharing. Though disappointed, I grin and nod my head as I read the announcement from my Mailchimp subscription management account, “Nuts! I guess they’re just not that into you.” I guess not… I don’t ask why, does it matter? It’s a person’s right to do as they want or feel they should. I guess they aren’t that into you…

I go out of my way to keep things lighter in the way of doctrine and theology, I think we should unite as Christians on the fundamental foundations of our faith, not bicker about the peripheral details that the enemy uses to divide us, but one lady didn’t like my interpretation of “fear of the Lord.”

Although it is reverence and respect, there is also an issue of awe… least that’s what my Strong’s concordance says of the translated word from Hebrew. The young lady didn’t agree with the translation and sent me and my words packing. I’d never met her face to face, but I knew that she was probably a decent person; I just didn’t have the heart to return the not so great a favor in revenge.

One of the cancelations that shocked me and stung worse was from a guy who called me his friend. Turns out after all the years I was only his friend as long as he was getting something from me… other than words… He used the subscription cancellation from my site like a Frenchman slapping me fashionably sassy across the face with his leather glove.

Pain and hurt are part of this fallen world. In truth, all of us inflict pain in others even if we don’t mean to. We disappoint people and usually our loved ones first. I’d even go so far as to say sometimes we push other’s buttons on purpose, to pay them back or make them feel bad for not doing exactly what we think they should have or what we wanted them to do.

I’ve noticed the pain of others hurting us, on purpose or not, has a lot to do with how we think we deserve to be treated. Our pride gets hurt… we consider ourselves before them. That is backwards, my friends, “seek first to understand,” is merely an extension of God’s golden rule. We want people to consider us, yet too often we fail to consider them.

I can only imagine the stress my old friend must have been feeling when he clicked the “unsubscribe” button from the monkey sent link. The monkey is right, they’re not that into me… I just have to use that comment as a reminder of why I picked up the pen and paper to begin with…