“She’s not stopping,” I said with shock in my voice. A few minutes later she sailed past us again and I stated the obvious – slathering my words in irritation and sarcasm, “There she goes.”

Parking is a big deal downtown when the Suns or Diamondbacks are playing. If you get caught in traffic, it’s a nightmare you never forget or ever want to relive.

image courtesy of talking stick arena .com

image courtesy of talking stick arena .com

With that in mind, we got dropped off at the Suns game. My wife and I both had to work the next day so come the beginning of the fourth quarter we made for the exits. My wife summoned our driver via her cell phone.

“She’s right around the corner,” my wife said. I was feeling pretty smug over the fact that we’d finally learned how to outsmart the system and traffic… til our driver passed right by us obeying the traffic signs.

After an eternity, my wife reported to me, “She’s coming up First Street.” I glanced at my wife’s phone and GPS, “No – She’s on First Avenue,” I grumbled.

After another ten minutes, the crowds started filing out around us. “There she is!” my wife proclaimed as we watched her glide on by yet again…

I spewed poison while we waited till the game was over and it was wall to wall people, “Just tell her to stop next time she passes by,” I demanded.

The cop that was less than twenty feet from us started blowing his whistle and yelling, “Hey! Stop!! You can’t do that!!!”

After a lifetime of fighting to stay within the narrow confines of following the rules and laws, I realize I’ve failed a lot.

Some consider these things to be in the “Just bending the rules” category. There are not many things less appealing than a so-called “Christian” breaking the laws they use to police other people’s lives by… except for them trying to justify their own actions.

I grimaced knowing my willful trespass and my experience in it. My wife’s immediate response was to stop, “Don’t turn around – just keep walking,” I coached my wife… and there she goes…

It’s a pretty shallow feeling to willfully break the law. It’s much worse when you use your God-given influence to get others to follow you…