wise man

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“I made a lot of mistakes,” he said softly gazing onto a distant horizon that was invisible to me, but very real to him… It was the horizon of his past life. It takes a wise person to recognize their shortcomings, it takes a stronger person to change. The Bible says, “Humility comes before honor, and pride comes before a fall.” I guess the person glancing back over the horizon of their life would see and remember the pride eras coupled with it’s constant companion folly fairly easy.

His eyes were kind and understanding as he mused his past, yet strong and wise from the understanding gained the hard way. The eyes of wisdom have a different look than the eyes of pride… Although they can see the same things the understanding or perspective makes them appear different, perceiving the things visible from the inside out. The prideful eyes see things just the opposite; they perceive what they see from the outside in, and the soul cage houses a fool…

When he first started reflecting his past I didn’t give it much thought, I was busy living my life one day at a time, not thinking much about the future and even less about my past. It’s a little disturbing to have someone who’s lived a life with high standards and fewer flaws along the way ponder their shortcomings.

It could be that for some of us we make so many wrong decisions or choices along the way that they begin to fill our souls up until we reach the point that they begin to overflow. The folly overflows the rims of our eyes and the reality burns our skin and runs into our mouths.

The bitter taste of folly revisited…

When I did follow the wise man’s lead and considered the mistakes of my life I learned that it isn’t pleasant… in fact it’s downright painful. To comprehend the countless mistakes in life is a humbling experience, to grasp that we have forgiveness from and for them is nothing short of miraculous.

The wise man shared with me some of his regrets, one of them went something like this, “I was too hard on you kids… I shouldn’t have been as hard as I was… I’m sorry son.” I’d always laugh, “Pops – you didn’t do anything wrong… you warned us of the consequences and sometimes we’d try to get away with it anyway”! I’d add in humor, “Maybe I’ve done the stupid things I have in life because you weren’t hard enough”?

These days when I set my eyes on my past horizon I’m humbled by the regret that swims across the ponds of my eyes as I study the pastscape… Although troubled with unneeded detours, the eyes of the wise man pointed me back to the path that leads to life.

This life has a different look when looking through the eyes of wisdom.

I’m grateful for the wise man, the wisdom and strength in his eyes…

And the hand of our Father on those wise enough to see…