whispers of shadowsThe season of long shadows has a way of transforming the perspective in our lives and the era we spend time stirring up dust on this planet. It is the time of year when the indomitable sun takes a coffee break from the season that has beat and worn the delicate soul cages wandering this part of the earth into submission.

The sun seems to have found its compassion, crouching at the sidelines of the cosmos, glistening its softer rays alongside us. This is the time in passing of a season that I tend to reflect. The task at hand questioned, the priorities of our longings pondered, our near and ancient history examined.

The long shadow cast by the late season can’t reveal the heart of the being standing in the cast light. Our actions and thoughts in the course of the repetition of seasons speak to who we are – the thing the shadows can’t speak of. The heart hidden in the long shadows.

A heavy coat, a turned up collar, a hat or cap, none of these things speak to the condition of our souls. Who are we behind the mask of the long shadows?

The ominous power of the sun can’t reveal the heart of mankind, only the reflection of light it casts. The Source that powers the sun is infinite. That Source of power is the secret behind the sun and its glory. That Source is so powerful He sees and knows what the sun can’t. It is created for the purpose of demonstrating the true source of power; The God of all that is.

He directs the sun, the seasons, and the long shadows. His powerful spirit that made our physical life made our hearts to ponder our existence and purpose for being here. When I see the long shadows I ponder the dark side of a soul. The season of the whispers of shadows that once seemed like an eternity now begin to seem more like a breath in time.

We take our turns in chronology of this globe as it takes its revolutions. Only the Source of power that spins each knows how many we get. The years and turns in all seasons when I cared more about the silhouette I struck in the eye of humankind and the long shadow is falling behind like the past seasons.

My shadow can’t tell much about who I am, but it can remind me of the sovereign power that designed the shadow along with our souls. How many seasons did my shadow reveal a fool chasing the wind? How many sunrises and sunsets and the seconds between have been wasted?

I’m reminded of this during this season of the long shadows, as well as every season allotted to me, is this; “Fear God and keep His commandments… for this is the whole duty of man.” May we find peace and joy that exists in this cosmos that only comes from He who holds this sphere and all of us on it in His mighty hand.