the thrill is goneAs one of the kids in school that was more interested in having fun than studying, I partook of some activities that other people didn’t. Even if it meant “defacing public property”- that was back in the day when the schools supplied books. As a young jumper onto the train bound for Conspiracyville, I never did buy into the fact that it was just “luck of the draw” that my fellow underachievers and I ended up with the books already defaced by the group of slackers that drug their feet before us.

It didn’t bother me so much writing in the books that looked like they’d been to war and lost. One of the popular pastimes for principals office prone people was turning the school book sideways and drawing a cartoon figure, usually a stick caricature in a vehicle with ridiculous big wheels racing across the pages.

Each page would be drawn in the next scene in progression. About five or ten pages in, I’d introduce the massive jump, another five or so pages later a cartoon of the motorized vehicle, including the wavy pencil lines to add the authentic smoke, would fly through the air in a way that would make Evil Knievel proud and would scrape the sky of sideways printed words above.

The best part was grabbing the pages between my thumb and forefinger and fanning the pages one at a time quickly then showing the other derelict friends my action cartoon… thanks to the taxpayers, of course.

The older I get the more the pages of our lives seem like the pages in those old textbooks. Each one is a snapshot that represents the seasons of our lives. The pages are provided by the laws of the universe as set forth by the Creator of all. We get to use our free will to draw the action movie of our lives.

As we think back and see the snapshots taken along life’s merry way in our physical lives, they tend to reveal what’s going on inside us and how our perspectives change along the way. In general, the smiles started awkward, struggling to get traction in our lives, but not far down the track of life we begin to move with speed and ease – like art in motion and our smiles reflect it.

While we move down the track or across the sideways pages of our lives in our self made movie, the edges of our mouths begin to level out and for some of us they fall past parallel and begin to sag on the sides… the thrill is gone…

I’ve heard it said “You can’t take it with you when you’re gone.” There are no re-runs in the cartoons of our lives that we scribble on the edge the pages of the textbooks provided for our lives, but we can take the best this life has to offer with us.

The grandest of things reside within in us and should manifest what they are and Who we represent on the shape of our smiles as we sail through the air over the bumps and jumps of life. We all get bumps and jumps… I guess the expression of our face is directly relative to where we land…