road of life

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The years are beginning to look like dashed line on the highway, looking down at 85 miles per hour. As the old song by Commander Cody states so eloquently, especially for us of Southern descent, “The lines on the road just look like spots.” The years are ripping by at a speed that’s hard to fathom.

What’s not hard to fathom is that we, like the Hot Rod Lincoln from that old song, can’t last forever. Like the car being pushed past its limits, we wear out, break down, or just plain run out of gas. The time for traveling down the highway of life comes to an end.

Our bodies and lives aren’t so different than the cars in the song either. I remember when my soul ride was the latest model…for a very short time. Like all things in this world, the physical world trapped in the time allotted by God begins to falter. Time takes its toll.

I’ve been to the shop quite a few times for repairs. The body mechanics have installed some things for repairs and removed other things no longer of any use and tossed them in the trash… so much for being like new.

I’m due for another check-up in about three months. I hate it when the mechanic-I mean doctor, looks under the hood! Kinda makes me feel like an old worn out car or something. Some things we just gotta do if we want to stay on the road of life.

Many of us see an old vintage model vehicle and appreciate it for what it is, and what it was. Some of us are economy cars, some high performance, off-road, work vehicles, or family sedans, but each of us with beauty all our own, designed by God for a specific purpose. Only He knows how many miles we’ll make it before we head to our final resting spot.

The old song ends with the kid being thrown in the clink. “They arrested me and they threw me in jail, n’ they called my Pappy to go my bail and he said son you’re gonna drive me to drinkin’ in you don’t stop drivin’ that Hot – Rod – Lincoln”!

The choices we make driving through this life will determine where we’ll end up; in jail, or paradise…

None of us know when we’ll run out of gas or break down permanently. When it comes time to call the tow truck, we’ll all be hopin’ the one with the angelic wings shows up. For those of us who acknowledge the One who made us, that hope is confidence.

I pray for all of you for a smooth ride through this next year; 2012. May we all feel the blessing of being granted a life and honor God and ourselves by the decisions we make. May we feel the wind in our hair and appreciate the simple gifts first. I also pray for health for our families and friends.

Let’s not forget to pull off and take some time now and then, after all it’s not a race. There are only two destinations… I suggest the Northern route.

Enjoy the ride, I’ll be cruising in the slow lane this next year. If I see you I’ll give a wave… If I don’t, I’ll see you, one of these days… at home… drive safe.

God bless your 2012.