road of dreadThe street is old now and its age shows traces of wear, something like the deepening lines on my face. It’s a long street, longer than I would have ever imagined in the frantic days of youth. I avoid that part of town as much as I can. The newer part of town is more comfortable, it keeps me looking ahead to what is possible.

I’m a busy guy – too busy to sit idly and wander down the old lane and revisit places I’ve put far behind me. The road of dread reminds me of things I don’t want to think about or remember. Old memories long past and buried don’t need to be exhumed and re-examined. Or do they?

Circumstances always seem to bring about scenarios I’m not interested in participating in, but somehow get pulled into regardless of my preference. A worn out tooth needing repair mixed with a non-spiritual medical fast needed for a procedure the following day caught up with me as I turned to navigate that old familiar lane once again.

My built-in GPS barked orders as I made my way back down Memory Lane.

The street is worn, but there’s much to take in – too much to grasp in one visit. Each time down the dreaded street reveals more detail needed to navigate the newer roads of life. All the events have left monuments like old Mom & Pop stores that can be re-entered and the isles of the past seasons in question be reassessed.

Facing the reality that time and ignorance has taken their toll on this physical body gives me and maybe others reason to question the events that have pieced together our lives so far. As I mosey down Memory Lane I realize that most of the old stores that represent seasons and events in my life have been all about me…

A few of the mental monuments that stand out as I pass by still look brand new – they seem untarnished by time and wear. I realize they are the beautiful things I happened to do along the way… there’s just not nearly enough of them. That old lane dreary with  not near enough selfless beauty.

The wonderful gift of free will allows us to build the streets of our lives and our memories allow us to re-visit where we’ve been and what we’ve done. In retrospect, the only truly good memories are the ones when God put in my heart to be selfless and do for others like and with the heart of our Father.

I want to build memories of beauty that will last beyond the wear and limits of my physical life. As we look back across our lives the only things that stand out and bring joy with a correct pride are the things we’ve tried to do for God and the ones He’s blessed us to be able to share a little of our lives and memories with.

When we stand with our Father and look back over our lives, what will our Memory Lane look like?

The rest of the lane is under construction, the story yet to be finished, and can look and read anyway we choose…