CLICK ABOVE TO SEE THE MONKEES INTRO TO THEIR TV SHOW you’ll have to stop it after it’s finished, all I could find was this ’66’ tv show openers.

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I was definitely one of those kids who was in a hurry to grow up. In hindsight, I think there might have been several contributing factors that may have helped form that early mindset.

First of all, I was the youngest in our family and it seemed everyone got to do everything before me. I wanted to hang with my older siblings and their friends because they were having all the fun. As I recall no one wanted their pesky, loud-mouthed, smart alec little brother hanging out with them.

Another reason for my “wishing my life away” was what I perceived adult life would be like. If I had to pin it down to one reason or place the blame on one influence from my childhood, I’d have to say it’s the fault of the TV series the Monkees. Sure they seemed innocent enough, but they were stealing childhoods like a fox stealing chickens from the hen house!

You could say they were taking candy from babies!

I remember as a kid watching the intro to the TV show thinking to myself, “Man, those guys got it made”!–“They’re having more fun than anybody in the world”!

The Monkees characters were Mickey, Peter, Mike, and Davy. Davy was usually the boys least favorite characters while he was almost always the girls favorite. The four of them were depicted living their lives at the beach, they had surfboards, although I never saw any of them use one.

One of the Monkees actually rode his bicycle into the ocean, what kid wouldn’t love to do that? They had a cool specialty muscle car, I think a modified Pontiac equipped with all the chrome. One of the scenes shows the Monkees riding mini-motorcycles around the inside of a recording studio.

As a lad, the muscles in my lower back would tickle with the excitement and anticipation looking forward to the time in my life when I could live my life like the Monkees. That never happened… I never rode my bicycle into the ocean, I never rode a motorcycle around a recording studio. I can say I’ve had a few muscle cars.

At the ending of the intro, as the show is introducing the stars of the Monkees, it shows them and their names flash below them. The writers intentionally flash Peter’s name under all three of the others stars shots collectively. After the first misname Peter’s angry, the second mishap he’s visibly upset, finally after the third time Peter is reduced to fake crying.

They end the song and intro with Peter and finally his correct name as he’s smiling with his eyes closed smelling a flower. I’ve done that too… I’ve been angry, in fact that would be a good word to summarize my early adult years. I’ve been disappointed like Peter was the second time they got his name wrong. Disappointment is a reality for everyone in this life to one degree or another.

Like the third  time Peter was mislabeled and crying, I’ve been there too… I never thought much of Peter smelling that flower as a kid, my mind was too busy creating the mental picture of me living the other more exciting parts of that Monkees intro.

I thank God for the innocence or desire to still dream and look forward to my future with anticipation. I think we all should. I believe God designed us to strive for something more, not necessarily the things of youth, but the desires set in our hearts by Him.

Oddly enough as I was writing the last paragraph an old song by the Monkees came on the satellite radio I’m listening to as I write. I’ll use the words of that song as an inspiration to help remind all of us that the future has hope. With God all things are possible, we just have to take action.

“Take the last train to Clarksville”-

“I’ll be waitin’ at the station”

If you’re willing to step out of your comfort level, I’ll meet you there…

Who knows, maybe we can even ride our bikes into the ocean…