the latest fad


Fads come and go, in hindsight some make sense and others, well, seem a bit foolish. Many of them while questionable still served a purpose. Take bell bottoms, polyester leisure suits, and platform shoes for example. Even though they were a fad they still served the purpose of clothing, even if in retrospect they looked goofy.

There have been more fads just in my lifetime than I can remember. For the older readers here are some that I remember, put the platform shoes on in your mind as we stroll down memory lane.

There were “shag” haircuts, rainbow stickers on cars, louvers on rear windows of cars, (I had mine on a ’78’ Camaro) there were gun racks in pickups. (I had mine in a ’71’ Ford F-150 jacked up four wheel drive although I think I only used it to haul blueprints)

We had jacked-up-in-the-back cars, usually with air shocks, (too many to recount here) we had puka-beads, 8-track players, cassette players, albums, and 45’s. (for the younger readers these devices were used to play music on during the stone age)

We had Levi 501’s worn until complete with holes. (the predecessor and inspiration to the worn jean look popular today) We had baggy clothes sometimes due to the hand-me-downs from our older siblings. This was not a fashion statement at the time as it’s turned into in our modern culture. We wore them because there was nothing else to wear.

Some of the hip words in those days were “bitchin,” “bummer,” “what a drag,” and of course, the timeless “cool.”

We knew of the fads of generations before us as well, some kids still emulated them. There were peace signs and bandana headbands from the sixties and leather jackets and slicked back hair from the fifties.

The purpose of fads I find fascinating. A generation trying to identify themselves, standing out for the world to recognize.

From what I’ve read, heard, and seen from pictures and articles, there was a time when each generation wasn’t defined as much by material things based on the latest fad as they are now.

There was a time not so long ago when the younger generations in our country and the world chose to define themselves by their actions. They revealed to the world who they were by revealing the content of their character through a disciplined and honorable life.

It could be that some innocent fads taken in a wrong mindset, chip away at the fabric and foundation of a society. I believe that when the basic necessity of food, shelter, and clothing begin to be used to define a nation instead of a thankful attitude toward God for that protection and provision, tough times are on the horizon.

The more things change, the more they stay the same….

There were fads in Biblical times as well. Paul warned the women in the early church of too much makeup and frilly hair styles that had to be en-vogue at the time. He also warned the men not to wear their hair too long.

Not that I’m an expert, but my reading is fair to Midland. The reason for Paul to have been warning the people of these societal issues had to have been the association to non-believers of that time.

One can only assume that long hair on men made popular by the Godly Nazarite warriors and people like King David’s son Absalom, had started a trend in society that Paul now desired the church to be separate from.

Here we are still trying to define ourselves by our appearance. To be clean and orderly is common sense, but what truly matters is the heart. 1 Samuel 16:7 (speaking of long hair) “Man looks at the outward appearance, but the Lord looks at the heart.” (NIV partial)

As I look around this society even now more than before I wonder, is our god the body, jewelry, clothes, cars, houses, or whatever is in right now, or is our God the Alpha and Omega residing inside us?

Are we worshiping God or His provision?