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He was a carpenter like Jesus, but he wasn’t like Jesus. He was a drunk… a bar room brawler. He was big as a tree with a permanent scowl on his face… He beat his wife… He was my Sunday School teacher…

He was just one of the people I grew up in church with. They had many faults like all of us, but the people in my early church life would be the first to tell you of another person’s shortcomings. In short, they were what I would come to know as legalists.

Bill, a pastor who drops by my site regularly, asked some of the people that frequent his site if they would share a story or thoughts on the subject of legalism. Please click below and follow me over to his site where Bill has posted my thoughts on the subject of legalism today.

I’d encourage you to drop by Bill’s site on a regular basis. I find him honestly refreshing and very encouraging, he’s like family. Do drop in…

The link isn’t posting, please go to Bill’s comment and click on “Bill Cycle Guy,” and it will give a ride over to his place. Thanks.