the good ole days

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I can officially be added to the list of members in our society that miss “The Good Ole’ Days… In truth, I’ve been a closet member for quite some time, I just didn’t want to admit I was old… Everyone knew I was, myself included, but everyone played along with the charade.

My wife and daughters like to watch a lot of cooking shows. Me? I like to eat, so it works out pretty well. One of the channels that has a lot of cooking shows is Bravo. They stumbled onto another show on that channel that caught my eye; Deadliest Catch.

Deadliest Catch is another reality show, which at first, I was as turned off as I am from all the other overused reality shows. But this one is about fishermen crabbing in the Bering Strait and all the struggles and dangers associated with that profession.

I’ve watched that show a few times and I know enough about real life on a job with all men, outside, in the elements to appreciate it. What I know and some of you reading might know is that while they show the veterans riding the Newbies, it’s not showing what is even close to the extent that new guys actually get harassed.

The producers couldn’t show the real reality of what goes on, under those circumstances, it would break the laws of human civility.

Those conditions are real life… It’s a right of passage, or at least it used to be. Young men were challenged to stand up under the barrage of physical and verbal abuse in order to teach them to overcome the harassment and all difficulties. Somewhere in the process they become veterans of the craft and also become veterans breaking and teaching the new guys.

As we were having a conversation about that show, it triggered my brain switch that rewound my life tape to about 25 years back.

I remember being able to hire people without having to be a lawyer…

I shared with my family stories about how I use to hire people “in the good ole days.” Pretty sure I was the only one listening to my glory story.

I recalled how men would show up on a job site looking for work. I’d ask them the typical first question, “You any good”? I rarely got an honest answer… After their little stretching-the-truth intro, I’d say, “OK, come ere”! They would follow me onto the site, I’d turn around, hand them a hand full of nails and a hammer.

“Here you go”! I’d declare with a big smile. Confusion, doubt, and usually fear overtook their faces, then the excuses… “It’s not my hammer”! – “I’m a little rusty”! – “I haven’t swung a hammer in a while”! I’d heard all of them. “Yeah, Yeah, Yeah,” I said quickly and finished with, “I’ll take that into consideration”!!!

They would probably throw someone in jail for that now, but at the time when paperwork was done in the field, it saved me a ton of time. Of course, I could tell by one swing of a hammer how experienced they really were.

Some of them I’d interrupt as they were defending their lack of perfection, “You’re hired”! Others I’d say as I was turning away from them, “NO”! or maybe, “You’re a liar”!  and the occasional, “Not a chance,”! and walk away.

AHHH, the good ole days…

I should have been so diligent seeking the right paths and people in those days. I’m even more relieved that God doesn’t give a similar test to see who might be qualified to enter His presence and do His work while here.

Not one of us could pass His test if He were to give it…

I qualified for God’s blessings and service by understanding that I’m not qualified. It is a free gift for those of us who believe. Unlike mankind, there is no break in period where we get tested beyond what we can handle.

Much has changed in our world, it’s part of this life.

In a constant changing world, there are some things that will never change. Things like human nature and the difficult right of passage ceremonies are just a couple of the things that are constantly changing.

That’s the bad news…

The good news?

Neither does God!